Culpepper ending could be better than Sopranos in Jacksonville

Before I get into today’s football comment, a quick aside about The Sopranos’ series finale last night. I know wrapping up a legendary show is damn near impossible, and I’ve been critical of the show’s critics in the past, but that was a really lame finale. There was no closure and quite frankly not enough happened in the finale. They gave very poor glimpses into how these characters, people viewers have come to know so well, will end up. Heck, we don’t even know if Sylvio is dead. Basically, David Chase & Company left fans hanging, and that’s not cool.

Some people think Tony and family are supposed to have been shot in that diner by that conspicuous character that entered the bathroom, but I don’t think so. The only interpretation I can come up with is that the man represents the continued threats to Tony and that he will continue to be forced to look over his shoulder, as he seemingly was in that diner.

My personal ending would have been much better. They spent so much time dealing with A.J. and all his issues, so I would have made him a central character in the finale. In my finale, it would have come down to Tony vs. Phil, and just as Phil is seemingly poised to end Tony’s life A.J. emerges and puts that bullet in Phil’s head. That would have been out of character for A.J., which is why he’s horrified by his actions as the seconds wind down on the series. But in one of the last shots of the show, we see A.J. give Tony a little smirk, and we then know that he’ll be following in his father’s footsteps in every way. Not only that, but with Phil gone and Tony teamed with his son, we know the Soprano family will be bigger and stronger than ever.  

Unfortunately, thanks to the actual ending, we don’t know anything.

On to today’s topic.

I don’t know if QB Daunte Culpepper will ever be a good player in the league again, but I do know the two teams supposedly interested in, the Jags and Ravens, are both good situations. Jacksonville, in particular, looks like a great spot for C-Pep. As you may know, head coach Jack Del Rio reportedly wanted the team to draft QB Brady Quinn. Del Rio and the Jags have clearly grown weary of starter Byron Leftwich and his injury issues, as well as his lack of mobility. They wanted to take a long look at backup David Garrard, and they did. Unfortunately, Garrard is still inconsistent throwing the ball. He’s not a natural passer. He’s not that erratic, but now that we’ve seen him it looks like he might not quite be a good enough to be a consistent passer. It’s ironic because Leftwich definitely can be, but he can’t move and his long wind-up will always kill him. They need to part ways with both players sooner rather than later.

If Culpepper’s to start in the league again, he should do so in a run-based offense, and on a team that has a great defense, and that describes the Jags. Jacksonville typically likes to push the ball downfield when they do pass, and that’s something he can do if protected, and their collection of bigger receivers should work in his favor, since he doesn’t have to be as precise in his passing.

Culpepper’s a tough guy to get a handle on because we don’t know exactly how much his physical limitations are limiting his confidence, his ability to see the field, and basically his ability to play the position effectively. He’s never been a good quarterback in terms of timing and anticipation, but he certainly has been an efficient and generally accurate passer in the past. If he’s able to regain his mobility and swagger, he’ll definitely be an upgrade over Leftwich. I don’t envision Daunte Culpepper winning a Super Bowl anytime soon, but the Jags could potentially be a much tougher team to beat in a year or two if they acquire the former Viking and soon-to-be former Dolphin.  

In fact, if they do bring Culpepper into the fold, I can easily envision him starting for this team later in the season. They could let him sit and watch on the bench while his reconstructed knee gets healthier and he picks up the system for a couple of months. Then, when Leftwich gets hurt (notice I said “when”) Culpepper would have a legitimate chance to go from the outhouse to the penthouse in a few short months.

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  1. pferg says:

    I thought my PVR was broken, then the credits rolled. After a long discussion, we decided this was the “things just go black” ending – wasn’t there a conversaion between Tony and Bobby (on the boat?) where the end is either jail or death … then on the subject of death, one says you never know what hits you, things just go black. so the guy walks out of the bathroom while Tony is looking up at Meadow coming in the door and things just go black for Tony?? Of course, like any good soap, characters can be revived for enough $$.

  2. John Hansen says:

    I guess you have to give Chase & Company some creative license. They didn’t want closure per se, and we viewers had to accept that. My ending wasn’t actually as deep and open to interpretation as the actual one, but maybe they should have given the people want they wanted a little bit there. But to give people what they wanted in terms of closure would have been the expected thing to do. Having the whole family gunned down in the diner was probably expected by many and for that reason I don’t think that was the intention.

  3. winit4mosi says:

    The Soprano’s finale was a setup for a big payday for all parties involved, in other words, the Soprano’s movie.

    Gandolfini can’t escape the character, so why not embrace it? David Chase will get big money for a movie, as will the rest of the crew, and the finale left too many questions unanswered. A “create your own ending” was not the way they want this to end.

    I hated the finale. I nearly pulled an Elvis and shot the TV. The A.J. SUV fire was pointless, and joining the army? Please. That kid was the picture of apathy, no matter how crazy they portrayed him in the end. The Junior/Tony conversation was flat and uninspired. Paulie flaking out, when it’s been clear all along that he wanted to lead the entire crew. The Janice/Tony conversation was another waste of precious airtime. Phil’s demise was the only real “Soprano’s” moment of the entire show. BTW, what was the point of Meadow’s awful parallel parking job? To build suspense? Oi!!! The only bright side? At least it was better than that new show, “John from Cincinnati”. What a steaming pile of crap.

  4. FanProphet says:

    I felt the same way about The Wire, but like you said to wrap up a show like the Sopranos is going to leave most viewers unsatisfied.

    Culpepper in Jax wouldn’t be a bad idea but there are more teams out there that he could fit in much better. What I think is Culpeppers injury is a lot worse than we all know. Sort of like Terrel Davis, unfortunately he was incapable of coiming back.


  5. Floyd the Barber says:

    Wow, I love your Sopranos ending John. I’ve been watching the episodes after the fact via On Demand, so it doesn’t sound like I need to be in any rush to book an hour for it. Frankly, the side story BS had gotten to the point that I just fast forwardede through all the Meadow and AJ stuff anyawy.

  6. PackFan says:

    I kept looking at the clock, wondering when the setting for the big final scene was in place … for a “last” episode – nothing was making much sense – there seemed to be more loose ends evolving as the show progressed. I thought the ball was going to start to roll when Phil got popped. The diner seemed too reminiscent of one of the Godfather movies, especially when the one suspicious character enters the bathroom ala Michael Corleone, while the other sits by the door. Seen it all before – but with time running out and Meadow trying to parallel park (what was that all about?) that had to be the location.

    After realizing my cable hadn’t gone out at an inopportune moment … the first thing that came to mind was – why kill the cash cow?

    First comes one of those DVDs that let’s you select between four or five endings … then comes the first Soprano movie with the “real” ending, that sets up the next movie. Can’t you hear those cash registers ringing? Bada Bing! Art imitates life.

  7. Tom44 says:

    John, your ending would’ve been fantastic. I think they could’ve left every other storyline open and unresolved, and people still would’ve loved that ending. We’d be talking about it in a good way as much as we’re talking about the ending that we were left with in a bad way. You may have a second career waiting for you…

    As for Culpepper in JAX, this would be a great fit. I also think (if the cards fell right) that C-Pep would be a huge boon to Matt Jones. Randy Moss was always at his best when the play was “Randy, go deep…Duante, chuck it long…Randy, go up and get it”. With his speed and height, Jones would sure have a shot at becoming a legit fantasy WR with 3 or 4 of those plays thrown in every game.

    I’m not saying that Matt Jones is comparable to Randy Moss in talent (at least the Moss of seasons past), but the situation and opportunity would be there for him.

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