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The stock of a quarterback I would love to own in dyansty someday, Eli Manning of the Giants, has taken a hit over the last two years. In no small part IMO, due to the past absence of TE Jeremey Shockey and WR Plaxico Burress for the team OTAs – the pair prefering to work out with their old Miami Hurricane teammates in south Florida.

Well, Shockey graced his New York mates with a rare off-season appearance this week, but warned everyone not to get used to it. “I’m glad I’m here and I enjoy it, but I hope people get used to it (his absence) because next year it’s going to be an issue again, and again the next year”.

Is it any wonder that Manning has struggled to find chemistry with Shockey and Burress, while the ancient Amani Toomer was enjoying a banner year until it ended in injury? The frustrating part as a past Shockey owner is that the lack of timing between the pair seems clearly evident.

As things stand, Shockey is a Top 3-5 talent who is certainly better than most. But when you read and hear the reports of the progess being made between TE Vernon Davis and QB Alex Smith in San Francisco and Antonio Gates and Phillip Rivers in San Deigo, you’re only left to wonder how much better could he be if he was working out with his boy full-time?

Personally, that’s the kind of information that will lead me to devalue Shockey to the bottom of his cut group. I’d rather have a player who’s a conjoined twin to his quarterback instead of tacitly undermining him.

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  1. Tom44 says:

    Amen. Shockey is the poster child for the selfish, childish, me-first athlete…at least one of them.

    I don’t question his talent or his toughness on the field. However, deciding that you’d be better off working out at your old college facility rather than with the team that’s paying you millions…well that’s just putting yourself before the team. C’mon man, your college days are long gone – be a professional.

  2. PackFan says:

    Howdy Floyd,

    Two questions:

    1. Pardon my ignorance … but could you tell me what the difference is between a Keeper league and a Dynasty league? I really don’t know.

    2. With guys like Shockey and Burress and so forth content to march to the beat of their own drummers, isn’t it about time that Miami Hurricane players be regarded collectively as royal pains in the ass … and shouldn’t that affect the NFL draft status of their future alumni? With all the money pro teams spend on player research, shouldn’t this be a consideration? Here in Packerland, guess who’s choosing to workout in Miami this summer … Bubba Freakin’ Franks. At five million a season, right now this guy is just filling a jersey.

  3. Floyd the Barber says:

    Hey PackFan,

    In a keeper league you can only retain a certain, pre-agreed upon amount of players, while in dynasty you can keep them all in perpetuity.

    Personally, I prefer a format which eventually lets the best players return to the pool. It keeps the interest of everyone high, increases the liklihood of trades, and prevents the owner who lucks into a once in a generation talent like LT from dominating year after year.

    Actually my favorite personal league is a salary cap auction league that allows you to keep players for three years at a 10% bump per annum. Then at the end of the contract, the players are thrown back in the pool with you reserving the right to match the high bid.

    That format allows you to retain your bargains for a decent amount of time, keeps the optomism of all high, and lends itself to frequent trading.

    Hope that helps. And I agree with you thoughts on the thinking twice on drafting Hurricanes. Clubs still have to take them, but maybe they need to find ways (big incentives) to get them into the off-season progam.

  4. The Commish says:

    Here’s an example of a salary cap league that I have put together (based somewhat off of materials from Fanball). Feel free to check out the charter and tell me what you think.

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