Green helps Brown

I still haven’t gotten over the trauma of being very high on Trent Green the last time he went to a new team, back in 2001 and the Chiefs. That year, we ranked him way too high and were too optimistic – but he at least earned himself four Pro Bowl appearances since that ugly season. The point is Trent Green is a very good NFL QB. He’s not an overwhelming physical talent, but he can throw the ball well. Most importantly, he has a very good feel for the position. Green can process information quickly, and the ball comes out. He will not let his receivers down.

No one is going to have any delusions about the Miami offense shocking this year, but a surprisingly productive season is definitely possible. Green is familiar with Cam Cameron’s offense – it’s the same offense Green ran in Washington with Norv Turner and Cameron – and there are enough weapons around him to get things done. Their great O-Line coach Hudson Houck needs to whip their line into shape. That’s the key. If Houck’s line can give Green protection, he can still pick apart a defense. If Green’s constantly facing pressure, then his transition to his new team will be much harder and injuries could once again be a problem. For the record, I’m not extremely concerned with his injury last year and the poor play that was a residual effect of it.  

Green signing is very good news for RB Ronnie Brown, who clearly needs an effective passing game to keep defenses from focusing on him. If Green does get that protection, there are some good receivers here. I can see Marty Booker being an active weapon for Green, and Green can definitely complete plays downfield to Chris Chambers, so there is potential here. Another key is TE David Martin. I think we should trust Cameron on this guy for now. Martin can help this offense, but he does need to stay healthy.

I don’t think the positive things I’ve mentioned above are too much to ask, but that brings us to rookie Ted Ginn. Ginn has the potential to be a special player. I don’t know if it will happen this year, but he’s clearly one of the best talents to enter the league at the position in a few years. It was something of a shock Miami pulled the trigger on him, but you have to give them credit; they went out and they got a potential difference-maker, a major playmaker. If Ginn can make some plays for this team as the #3, then this will be a pretty good offense.

No one should make it a point to go out and get any Miami Dolphin this year, but there are certainly some solid options – mainly Brown and Chambers – here if the value is good.    

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  1. FanProphet says:

    That’s right I wanted to comment on this the other day.

    Oh yes, Green helps Brown tremendously and the rest of the Miami Dolphins. He actually helps the entire AFC East. This should be another great season in the NFL and I cannot wait for it to get started.


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