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Hey Gang,

I have to admit this blogging thing has been a challenge, mainly because I don’t consider myself an expert with the rookies. I don’t watch the college game and honestly prefer to devote my limited football free time to the pros.

Due to this fact, I’ve found myself struggling to come up with pithy, insightful topics to blog with. But what the heck, there’s a lot more to dynasty than just rookies, so why not share my thoughts on the various players using The Guru’s own rankings?

I’m sure I’ll come up with my own rankings down the road, although I can’t imagine Hansen and I diverging on opinion too much since we’re usually in lock step most of the time.

At any rate, here’s your Barber’s thumnbnail thoughts on The Guru’s 1-5 Quarterback rankings.

1. Carson Palmer, Cin (27) – Well, well. The first player out of the box and I’m already breaking ranks with the boss! Not really, but given the choice of Palmer or Manning I would probably take Manning becasue Peyton has been money for so long and Palmer’s past knee injury.

That said, I’d hate to live on the difference. Bengals HC Marvin Lewis, like his mentor Tony Dungy, has been smart enough to leave well enough alone and not tinker with a great offense. (Are you listening, Herm Edwards?) Carson has weapons all around and their perenially pourous defense will keep the numbers rolling over like the toteboard at the Jerry Lewis MDA tele-a-thon.

2. Peyton Manning, Ind (31) – What’s not to love? The game’s most prolific quarterback since Steve Young with several years of his prime ahead of him and a Super Bowl champion to boot. Indy is reloading the skill positions around him, so there seems to be no hint of a potential downside until Dungy or OC Tom Moore retires. And even then, it’s not likely.

3. Drew Brees, NO (28) – Brees, HC Sean Peyton and the Saints in general, caught the football and fantasy football world by surprise last year with a dominant, prolific offense right out of the gate. The question is, what can they do for an encore and in future years for the dynasty player? Given Brees’ cool Brady-like demeanor and leadership, it’s hard to envision much, if any drop-off, even if Marcus Colston proves to be fool’s gold as a sophmore and beyond.

The only hint of a looming red flag might be the potential departure of RB Deuce McAllister in 2008 or 09. If RB Reggie Bush for some reason isn’t a sustaining runner or the dynamic of their running game is altered greatly, then maybe. But even that seems like a longshot.

4. Tom Brady, NE (30) – Hard to believe the kid is already 30, but what a great career we are witnessing. Calling him another Montana wouldn’t be stretching things, except for the fact that Brady’s never had a Jerry Rice. Or even a Brent Jones, for that matter. He’s actually been asked to perform more like Brett Favre, making due with a continually revolving suspect and journeyman surrounding cast.

Fast forward to 2007 and Brady will have, on paper, his best surrounding cast ever. Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth and Wes Welker added to Ben Watson and friends, plus the explosive RB Laurence Maroney. Wow! If this thing clicks and their defense leaks a little, a #4 ranking could be a little low.

5. Donovan McNabb, Phil (30) – From one player who seems a young 30 to another 30 year old who seems a little longer in the tooth. Not that Mac Daddy is past his prime, but as Hansen pointed out in his recent player review, McNabb has missed 20 of his last 80 games – and is now coming off a knee reconstruction. That fact alone makes him less of slam dunk than he was even twelve months ago.

Add in the loss of Donte Sallworth, Brian Westbrook’s increased age, the ridiculous hypersensitivity from the McNabb camp over Jeff Garcia last year and the presence of a potential heir apparent in QB Kevin Kolb – and the crown a just seems a little uneasy on the Don’s head. But those concerns seem minor, so long as his knee rebounds.

Questions? Comments? Fire away.

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  1. baottousai says:

    Hey Floyd, first time post.

    I’m in a 10 team keeper league with my buddies and we’re allowed 5 keepers w/ the option of keeping 4 and getting a supplemental pick and the END of the first round. Kind of a strange format, but anyhow:

    I think my team is in rebuilding mode as my best players are Rudi Johnson, Maurice Drew, Javon Walker, Edgerrin James, Chris Chambers, and Laveranues Cole. I’m really considering just keeping 4 as I think there will be a better receiver than Chambers or Coles available at the end of the round or I can probably trade a early 2nd round pick for either Colston or Houshmandzadeh as there are two owners who are too stacked w/ keepers! Who do you see as the better target?

    Also, another owner in the league is both Manning and Brees so I have offered him James for Brees straight up as he has a need at RB otherwise I can probably get Bulger in the 1st round as I have a top 4 pick. Would be better to keep James and get Bulger with that pick or trade for Brees and pick up a stud rookie in Johnson, Lynch, or Peterson? If I end up with the 4th pick I’m thinking Lee Evans.

    Thanks for any insight that you may have!

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