Incredibly, yet another “Expert Draft”

I realized last night as my son’s little league game was heading into the bottom of the last that I had another “expert draft” scheduled, and it was starting in 5 minutes. Our side went down relatively easy in the last, so I didn’t miss a pitch and luckily for me I live right down the bike path from our field, less than a five minute walk.

My kid continues to hit the ball lately, yet to people, and they are catching it, but I tell him if he keeps doing that he’ll be more than fine. He also had a walk in which he swung at two strikes, fouling one off, and he let four balls go by, a very good walk. He’s a much better player than he’s shown this year – he gets very nervous and probably losses about 40% of his ability because he freezes up – but he’s really starting to come on now, and I’m very proud of him. If you have a young son or daughter who likes to play but is underachieving, my advice to you is to stay patient, stay the course, and stay positive. Ride it out, and if your kid has some ability it will eventually come out.  

As I’m running off to the draft, the other coach asks me if my son wants to play for the All-Star Team this year. Or as they say in the politically correct world: the “travel team.” I declined. He’s not quite ready for that intense competition. He’s still nine, and he’s more to the studious and artsy side. A negative experience this summer could wipe out all the work we’ve done and the progress we’ve made this year. My first son was very ready, but my other guy needs another year. And besides, I’m looking forward to not spending literally every free moment in June and July at a baseball field, as I have in each of the last six years with my other son.  

Anyways, back to this draft. I logged in at about 8:03, and I was up, with the 8th pick. Those who notice that I tend to pick at the top of the first round should be glad; I have nothing to do with when I pick, totally the luck of the draw.

Round One

Emil Kadlec     1        Tomlinson      LaDainian       RB      SD
Michael Fabiano        2        Johnson         Larry   RB      KC
Chris Fargis    3        Jackson         Steven          RB      STL
William Del Pilar         4        Gore    Frank  RB      SF
Bob Harris      5        Alexander      Shaun RB      SEA
Roger Rotter   6        Westbrook     Brian   RB      PHI
Steven Lassan         7        Addai  Joseph RB      IND
John Hansen 8          Bush   Reggie            RB       NO
Ryan Houston 9        Maroney        Laurence       RB      NE
James Quintong        10      Parker Willie   RB      PIT
Jesse Herron  11      Johnson         Rudi    RB      CIN
Joe Hebert     12      Jones-Drew    Maurice         RB      JAX

Obviously I didn’t prepare well for this draft, so I asked if it was a point per reception league. It was, so I immediately took Bush. That was an obvious pick and I was fortunate to get him at #8.

Round Two 

Joe Hebert     1        Smith  Steve  WR     CAR
Jesse Herron  2        Johnson         Chad   WR     CIN
James Quintong        3        Henry  Travis  RB      DEN
Ryan Houston 4        McGahee       Willis   RB      BAL
John Hansen 5          Brown Ronnie            RB       MIA
Steven Lassan         6        Manning        Peyton QB      IND
Roger Rotter   7        Harrison         Marvin WR     IND
Bob Harris      8        Lynch  Marshawn      RB      BUF
William Del Pilar         9        James  Edgerrin         RB      ARI
Chris Fargis    10      Portis  Clinton RB      WAS
Michael Fabiano        11      McAllister       Deuce RB      NO
Emil Kadlec     12      Holt    Torry   WR     STL

I’ve had this decision a couple times now, and it’s not exactly an easy one. I like to go RB-RB as long as my #2 pick is worthy, and I view Brown as worthy. He’ll catch the ball, get all the goal line opportunities, and now with Trent Green signed the QB situation should be stabilized in Miami. Hey, I have no qualms with Bush and Brown in a PPR league.

Round Three

Emil Kadlec     1        Wayne Reggie WR     IND
Michael Fabiano        2        Owens Terrell WR     DAL
Chris Fargis    3        Fitzgerald      Larry   WR     ARI
William Del Pilar         4        Jones  Thomas         RB      NYJ
Bob Harris      5        Colston         Marques        WR     NO
Roger Rotter   6        Gates  Antonio         TE      SD
Steven Lassan         7        Benson          Cedric RB      CHI
John Hansen 8          Williams         Roy     WR      DET
Ryan Houston 9        Boldin  Anquan         WR     ARI
James Quintong        10      Moss   Randy  WR     NE
Jesse Herron  11      Johnson         Andre  WR     HOU
Joe Hebert     12      Walker Javon  WR     DEN

I needed a WR, since you can start three. This is basically the draft plan, get the two backs if you can, but definitely get at least one top-10 receiver. Andre Johnson was a possibility, but I felt a little better with taking Williams this time for his TDs, since Bush probably won’t score a ton of them and since Johnson might not, either. I’m already more than fine with the receptions.

Round Four

Joe Hebert     1        Green  Ahman RB      HOU
Jesse Herron  2        Williams         DeAngelo       RB      CAR
James Quintong        3        Driver  Donald WR     GB
Ryan Houston 4        Evans  Lee     WR     BUF
John Hansen 5          Palmer           Carson           QB       CIN
Steven Lassan         6        Houshmandzadeh      T.J.     WR     CIN
Roger Rotter   7        Ward   Hines   WR     PIT
Bob Harris      8        Burress          Plaxico WR     NYG
William Del Pilar         9        Coles   Laveranues    WR     NYJ
Chris Fargis    10      Moss   Santana        WR     WAS
Michael Fabiano        11      Jackson         Darrell WR     SF
Emil Kadlec     12      Barber Marion RB      DAL

Palmer’s going to have a brilliant season, and I can’t pass him up in the 4th even though another WR would have been nice. I could have gotten Jon Kitna in the 6th, but I couldn’t pass on Palmer.

Round Five 

Emil Kadlec     1        Jacobs Brandon         RB      NYG
Michael Fabiano        2        Brown  Reggie WR     PHI
Chris Fargis    3        Brady  Tom    QB      NE
William Del Pilar         4        Brees  Drew   QB      NO
Bob Harris      5        Heap   Todd   TE      BAL
Roger Rotter   6        Peterson        Adrian RB      MIN
Steven Lassan         7        Chambers      Chris   WR     MIA
John Hansen 8          Galloway        Joey    WR      TB
Ryan Houston 9        Williams         Cadillac         RB      TB
James Quintong        10      Lewis  Jamal  RB      CLE
Jesse Herron  11      Edwards        Braylon          WR     CLE
Joe Hebert     12      Bulger  Marc   QB      STL

I seriously considered Caddy, since you can start 3 RBs, but I had a feeling I could get Julius Jones later, so I went with Galloway. This wasn’t great value, but I don’t think it matters too much. Bottom line, I like Galloway this year. The QB situation is better and who the heck else is going to catch the ball for Tampa?

Round Six
Joe Hebert     1        Johnson         Calvin  WR     DET
Jesse Herron  2        Jones  Kevin   RB      DET
James Quintong        3        Gonzalez        Tony   TE      KC
Ryan Houston 4        Branch Deion  WR     SEA
John Hansen 5          Jones  Julius  RB       DAL
Steven Lassan         6        Glenn  Terry   WR     DAL
Roger Rotter   7        Taylor Chester         RB      MIN
Bob Harris      8        White  LenDale         RB      TEN
William Del Pilar         9        Taylor Fred    RB      JAX
Chris Fargis    10      Cotchery       Jerricho         WR     NYJ
Michael Fabiano        11      Dunn   Warrick         RB      ATL
Emil Kadlec     12      Norwood        Jerious RB      ATL

As expected, I was able to land Jones as my #3 RB. I did want Branch here I will admit, but I was happy with Jones. This isn’t tremendous value, but it’s pretty damn good. Jones is better than what we saw last year, and the situation’s changed a lot now with Bill Parcells gone. Jones has a very good chance to go down as a very good value in 2007, a contract year.

Round Seven
Emil Kadlec     1        Hackett         D.J.     WR     SEA
Michael Fabiano        2        McNabb         Donovan        QB      PHI
Chris Fargis    3        Morency        Vernand        RB      GB
William Del Pilar         4        Shockey        Jeremy TE      NYG
Bob Harris      5        Kitna   Jon     QB      DET
Roger Rotter   6        Jackson         Vincent         WR     SD
Steven Lassan         7        Jackson         Brandon         RB      GB
John Hansen 8          Curtis Kevin  WR      PHI
Ryan Houston 9        Young Vince  QB      TEN
James Quintong        10      Clayton         Mark   WR     BAL
Jesse Herron  11      Winslow         Kellen  TE      CLE
Joe Hebert     12      Betts   Ladell  RB      WAS

I got pinched a little last round with Branch, but Curtis is a fair #3 at this point and one with some upside potential. Round Eight

Joe Hebert     1        Witten Jason  TE      DAL
Jesse Herron  2        Chicago Bears          DEF     CHI
James Quintong        3        Rhodes          Dominic         RB      OAK
Ryan Houston 4        Bell     Tatum RB      DET
John Hansen 5          Cooley            Chris   TE        WAS
Steven Lassan         6        Crumpler        Alge    TE      ATL
Roger Rotter   7        Droughns       Reuben          RB      NYG
Bob Harris      8        Leinart Matt   QB      ARI
William Del Pilar         9        Stallworth      Donte  WR     NE
Chris Fargis    10      Davis   Vernon TE      SF
Michael Fabiano        11      Watson         Ben     TE      NE
Emil Kadlec     12      Romo   Tony   QB      DAL

There is the round I’ve been taking Winslow, but he was gone the round before. I seriously considered Vernon Davis, but I think Cooley’s the safer pick and probably the better pick. In year two in Al Sanders’ system, he should have a very good year and I would not be surprised at all if he’s bordering on stud status for fantasy in 2007.

Round Nine

Emil Kadlec     1        Jones  Matt   WR     JAX
Michael Fabiano        2        Jordan LaMont          RB      OAK
Chris Fargis    3        Berrian Bernard         WR     CHI
William Del Pilar         4        Hasselbeck     Matt   QB      SEA
Bob Harris      5        Baltimore Ravens                DEF     BAL
Roger Rotter   6        Bell     Mike    RB      DEN
Steven Lassan         7        San Diego Chargers             DEF     SD
John Hansen 8          Washington   Leon   RB       NYJ
Ryan Houston 9        Rivers  Philip   QB      SD
James Quintong        10      Vick    Michael         QB      ATL
Jesse Herron  11      Jennings        Greg    WR     GB
Joe Hebert     12      Manning        Eli       QB      NYG

Berrian would have been very nice at this point, and I almost took Jennings, but I too a chance he would fall to the next round. He did not, so I secured a solid #4 in this scoring system in Washington. He’s a nice depth guy in a PPR league.

Round Ten

Joe Hebert     1        Brown  Chris   RB      TEN
Jesse Herron  2        Favre  Brett   QB      GB
James Quintong        3        Bruce  Isaac  WR     STL
Ryan Houston 4        Smith  L.J.     TE      PHI
John Hansen 5          Jones  Brandon         WR      TEN
Steven Lassan         6        Holmes Santonio        WR     PIT
Roger Rotter   7        Roethlisberger Ben     QB      PIT
Bob Harris      8        Curry   Ronald WR     OAK
William Del Pilar         9        Muhammad     Muhsin WR     CHI
Chris Fargis    10      Cutler  Jay     QB      DEN
Michael Fabiano        11      Green  Trent  QB      KC
Emil Kadlec     12      McMichael      Randy  TE      STL
There were a lot of solid options here, especially RB Chris Henry, who I almost took. But with 4 RBs already taken, and with the potential to start 4 WRs, I felt I had to go wideout. I almost took Devery Henderson for his upside, but I settled on my boy Brandon Jones, who I think I have in all my leagues. He’ll be the #1 and he should be solid.

Round Eleven

Emil Kadlec     1        Losman         J.P.     QB      BUF
Michael Fabiano        2        Horn    Joe     WR     ATL
Chris Fargis    3        Marshall         Brandon         WR     DEN
William Del Pilar         4        Henderson     Devery WR     NO
Bob Harris      5        Kennison        Eddie   WR     KC
Roger Rotter   6        Grossman       Rex     QB      CHI
Steven Lassan         7        Henry  Chris   RB      TEN
John Hansen 8          Foster            DeShaun        RB       CAR
Ryan Houston 9        Mason Derrick WR     BAL
James Quintong        10      Pennington     Chad   QB      NYJ
Jesse Herron  11      Bennett         Drew   WR     STL
Joe Hebert     12      Turner Michael         RB      SD

I like DeAngelo Williams more than most, but I still couldn’t believe Foster was still around this late. What the heck, why not? Even if Williams is the guy Foster won’t be phased out completely. Round Twelve 

Joe Hebert     1        Gonzalez        Anthony        WR     IND
Jesse Herron  2        Smith  Alex    QB      SF
James Quintong        3        Furrey Mike    WR     DET
Ryan Houston 4        Delhomme      Jake    QB      CAR
John Hansen 5          New England Patriots                      DEF     NE
Steven Lassan         6        Welker Wes    WR     NE
Roger Rotter   7        Russell JaMarcus       QB      OAK
Bob Harris      8        Clark   Dallas  TE      IND
William Del Pilar         9        Leonard         Brian   RB      STL
Chris Fargis    10      Porter  Jerry   WR     OAK
Michael Fabiano        11      Miller   Heath  TE      PIT
Emil Kadlec     12      Walter Kevin   WR     HOU

I wasn’t in love with this pick, but it’s not like studs were still available, and I figured this was late enough for my 4th rated DT this year.

Round Thirteen

Emil Kadlec     1        Irons   Kenny  RB      CIN
Michael Fabiano        2        Campbell        Jason  QB      WAS
Chris Fargis    3        Thomas         Anthony        RB      BUF
William Del Pilar         4        Daniels Owen  TE      HOU
Bob Harris      5        Vinatieri         Adam  K        IND
Roger Rotter   6        Meachem       Robert WR     NO
Steven Lassan         7        McNair Steve  QB      BAL
John Hansen 8          Scheffler        Tony   TE        DEN
Ryan Houston 9        Jenkins          Michael         WR     ATL
James Quintong        10      Denver Broncos                  DEF     DEN
Jesse Herron  11      Wilkins Jeff     K        STL
Joe Hebert     12      Parker Eric     WR     SD

Nice upside-oriented backup, and a fair price to pay to boot.

Round Fourteen

Joe Hebert     1        Johnson         Eric     TE      NO
Jesse Herron  2        Olsen  Greg    TE      CHI
James Quintong        3        Clark   Desmond       TE      CHI
Ryan Houston 4        Graham         Daniel  TE      DEN
John Hansen 5          Schaub           Matt    QB       HOU
Steven Lassan         6        Scaife Bo      TE      TEN
Roger Rotter   7        Leftwich        Byron  QB      JAX
Bob Harris      8        Wade  Bobby  WR     MIN
William Del Pilar         9        Williamson      Troy    WR     MIN
Chris Fargis    10      Pittman         Michael         RB      TB
Michael Fabiano        11      Miami Dolphins                   DEF     MIA
Emil Kadlec     12      Philadelphia Eagles              DEF     PHI

I was very happy Schaub fell to me; he’s the perfect upside backup to take very late, especially since my starter is so strong. Round Fifteen

Emil Kadlec     1        Graham         Shayne         K        CIN
Michael Fabiano        2        Bennett         Michael         RB      KC
Chris Fargis    3        Troupe Ben     TE      TEN
William Del Pilar         4        Kaeding         Nate   K        SD
Bob Harris      5        Hunt   Tony   RB      PHI
Roger Rotter   6        Dorsey DeDe   RB      IND
Steven Lassan         7        Rackers         Neil     K        ARI
John Hansen 8          Williams         Reggie            WR      JAX
Ryan Houston 9        Akers  David  K        PHI
James Quintong        10      Gould  Robbie K        CHI
Jesse Herron  11      Booker Marty  WR     MIA
Joe Hebert     12      Dallas Cowboys                  DEF     DAL

On the chance he takes another step forward and emerges as the guy here, which is possible, why the hell not on Reggie Williams this late? Round Sixteen

Joe Hebert     1        Henry  Chris   WR     CIN
Jesse Herron  2        Buckhalter     Correll RB      PHI
James Quintong        3        Booker Lorenzo         RB      MIA
Ryan Houston 4        Carolina Panthers               DEF     CAR
John Hansen 5          Mare   Olindo K          NO
Steven Lassan         6        Pittsburgh Steelers             DEF     PIT
Roger Rotter   7        Wolfe  Garrett          RB      CHI
Bob Harris      8        WR     Placeholder    WR     FA
William Del Pilar         9        Faulk   Kevin   RB      NE
Chris Fargis    10      Bowe   Dwayne         WR     KC
Michael Fabiano        11      Jarrett Dwayne         WR     CAR
Emil Kadlec     12      Morris  Maurice         RB      SEA
Lesson learned here: If you have Ronnie Brown, you better not wait too long on Lorenzo Booker, his backup who will also catch some passes. I needed a kicker and I actually like Mare indoors mostly, in the potent Saint offense.

Round Seventeen

Emil Kadlec     1        Battle  Arnaz  WR     SF
Michael Fabiano        2        Stover Matt   K        BAL
Chris Fargis    3        Jacksonville Jaguars            DEF     JAX
William Del Pilar         4        Crayton         Patrick WR     DAL
Bob Harris      5        Garcia Jeff     QB      TB
Roger Rotter   6        Green Bay Packers              DEF     GB
Steven Lassan         7        Perry   Tab     WR     CIN
John Hansen 8          Morris Sammy          RB       NE
Ryan Houston 9        Gado   Samkon         RB      HOU
James Quintong        10      Stokley         Brandon         WR     DEN
Jesse Herron  11      Ginn Jr.         Ted     WR     MIA
Joe Hebert     12      Gostkowski     Stephen        K        NE

Couldn’t believe the rock solid Morris was still on the board, in a PPR league no less. If Maroney goes down, this guy’s going to be gold. Round Eighteen

Joe Hebert     1        Copper Terrance       WR     NO
Jesse Herron  2        Lundy  Wali    RB      HOU
James Quintong        3        Quinn  Brady  QB      CLE
Ryan Houston 4        Pope   Leonard         TE      ARI
John Hansen 5          Carter Drew   WR      CAR
Steven Lassan         6        Johnson         Bryant WR     ARI
Roger Rotter   7        Elam    Jason  K        DEN
Bob Harris      8        Jurevicius      Joe     WR     CLE
William Del Pilar         9        San Francisco 49ers            DEF     SF
Chris Fargis    10      Brown  Josh    K        SEA
Michael Fabiano        11      Toomer         Amani  WR     NYG
Emil Kadlec     12      Shipp  Marcel RB      ARI
I also couldn’t believe such as strong sleeper candidate in Carter was available this late.

Projected Starting lineup:
Carson Palmer
Reggie Bush
Ronnie Brown
Julius Jones
Roy Williams
Joey Galloway
Kevin Curtis
Chris Cooley
Olindo Mare
New England Defense
Matt Schaub
Leon Washington
DeShaun Foster
Sammy Morris
Brandon Jones
Reggie Williams
Drew Carter
Tony Scheffler
Final Analysis:
This is a pretty good team considering I drafted out of the 8th slot. I didn’t really make any mistakes and I have a strong combination of youth, stability, and upside, plus I have better than average depth. Barring injuries I probably won’t have to tinker too much with this lineup and it should win about 70% of its game on its own.

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