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If you’re a subscriber and looking for some fantasy content, today’s your day because we will be posting our entire magazine online by day’s end. So yesterday, I took 10 minutes away from my last-minute tweaks to compile yet another music list.

To me one of the highlights of the summer months is always all the new songs that come out. I just don’t get how people cannot stay up with current music and choose to listen to the same stuff over and over again – or not listen to anything at all. I personally think the new music out today is pretty good, although I must admit I’m not very hard to please. But there’s nothing like hearing a brand new song, liking it, and then listening to it repeatedly while it’s still fresh and new, but at the same time familiar. That period usually last only a month or two for me for all new songs because I burn them out, but it’s good stuff.

So far, in 2007, it’s shaping up to be a pretty damn good year for new music. That’s surprising, since there’s nothing new from my top-5 or 7 newer bands this year. I’ve already covered my affinity for the songs/records put out this year by The Shins, Modest Mouse, Flathead, Guster, Silversun Pickups, and the Decemberists, but there have been a number of other quality tunes released this year, most of them very recently, so I felt the need to list them here.

If you’re a modern rock fan, and you’re looking for the soundtrack for the summer of 2007, this is it.

Time Won’t Let Me Go, by The Bravery – I love this song, really like this band. Very 80s sounding, which is a good thing.

Far Behind, by Social Distortion – If you’re a Social D fan you will love this new song, which will be on their forthcoming Greatest Hits CD. Maybe I’m enthralled by the newness of it, but this may be their best song ever. It has to be top-5 in my book, at minimum. You’ll have to catch this on the radio at this point because it’s not yet available online – and I’ve been looking.

The Heinrich Maneuver, by Interpol – If you also like this band, you’ll be into this song, no doubt about it. Give it 5-7 listens and it should settle in as a song that you’ll periodically listen to for year to come. If you’re unfamiliar, check it and them out.

Ruby, by Kaiser Chiefs – It’s a big gimmicky, but it’s got a good hook and it’s a good listen while driving in the car, and it sets up well as a “summer song.

Hey There Delilah, by Plain White T’s – Quality song, no doubt about it. It’s actually very Simon & Garfunkel, which should explain the tempo of this one. Tarantula, by Smashing Pumpkins – This is a solid single that is both catchy and rocks pretty well. That’s always a very good combination in my book. I’m not floored by this song, but I definitely like it, especially the chorus.

Wish Upon a Dog Star, by Satellite Party – I’ve never been a huge Perry Farrell fan, but I’ve certainly liked some of his stuff from both Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros. After hearing this song 4-5 times, I have to say, this is vintage Farrell and a sound that is very reminiscent of some early 90s alternative rock. This is a very good song that I think will go down as a memorable one. Give up, by Hot Hot Heat –  I don’t like this as much as their previous hits ‘Bandages’ and ‘Middle of Nowhere,’ but these guys have a knack for writing a catchy song, and they’ve done it again here.

Sick, Sick, Sick, by Queens of the Stone Age – I’m a fan of this band and this song is a little odd compared to their other tracks, but it’s definitely listenable.

Notable Omission: Ickey Thump, by White Stripes – I’m sorry, but I just can’t get into these guys anymore. I like a melody, I like catchier songs. I though Led Zeppelin got back together when I first heard this song. I feel like these guys could crank out a record in like four days. They just throw together some riffs, some random lyrics, and hope it sounds original. In some ways they are original, but there’s also a generic quality about them. I always felt the same way about Lenny Kravitz. His stuff rocked, but I couldn’t find enough originality, and it was very generic rock to me.

By the way, if you have Sirius and haven’t heard, they have a new 90s/Grunge channel, Ch. 24. Excellent choice for a channel and it has me pumped up to compile a top-100 modern rock songs of the 90s list. Man that’s going to be an awesome list.

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  1. Dedelvis says:

    Good list, John. Always nice to see another indie-phile in these here manly pursuits. Other ones that have been stuck in my Ipod recently that might work for you:

    Wilco, “Impossible Germany”; actually, the entire “Sky Blue Sky” album is wonderful and perfectly suited for summer.

    Rodrigo y Gabriella, “Tamacun”; metal-influenced flamenco? Yes please.

    The Bad Plus, “Physical Cities”, “Tom Sawyer”; one original and one cover. Both bring the rawk, or at least as much as an avant jazz three-piece can.

    All Smiles, “Ten Readings of a Warning”; for those Shins/Elliott Smith/Grandaddy moments everyone has.

    Battles, “Atlas”; Glam-rock drums, bass low enough to eat your pet dog, poly-morphed vocals…the wierdest thing you’ll never be able to stop bouncing your head to. Actually, the entire album is a trip, but check “Atlas” first to see if it’s your cup of tea. I’m an old die-hard Helmet fan (one of the most underrated bands of the 1990’s, IMO), and anything with their drummer I’m all for.

    Not new, but worth it:
    TV on the Radio
    Brian Posehn
    Miguel Mendez
    The Sword
    Explosions in the Sky

    Okay, so that’s my post for the year…keep up the good work, y’all.

  2. NYBrewCrew says:

    I listen to 124 NFl all the time. will have to check the 90’s one. I have Direct TV & it carries XM the 90’s channel isn’t as good.

  3. John Hansen says:

    Cool, I’m starting the Sirius Fantasy Show with Adam on 7/6 on Ch. 124, earlier this year than usual.

  4. PackFan says:

    And let’s not forget the Baha Men’s timeless classic … “Who Let the Dogs Out” … seeing as how we’ll be hearing it at every Atlanta Falcon and perhaps Washington Redskin away game this season.

  5. winit4mosi says:

    Best Social Distortion cover song? “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. Pure highway music. I defy you to not drum on your steering wheel when that song is playing.

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