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Hey Gang,

Sorry I’m not checking in as often as I’d like or should, but hopefully with feedback ideas will flow and things will pick up.

Say, did you read John Hansen’s post yesterday on the New England offense? Great stuff. If you missed it, here it is.

This only re-inforces my thought that dynasty owners of Randy Moss should sell, provided you receive full or close to full value.

A friend of mine and I are in a 16 team dynasty league and we got into a long protracted discussion on the New England Patriots and the name I kept injecting into the dialogue (much to his annoyance) was Wes Welker. Why Welker?

First, New England traded a 2nd and 7th and signed him to a sizeable contract, so they obviously have serious plans for him. Second, the hay to be made in this offense will be over the middle, be it with Moss and Stallworth clearing things out for Watson and Welker. Or Maroney running in the vast space created by their outside receivers.

The point is, I think Hansen is dead on. Wes Welker has a chance to be the Pats new Troy Brown. A do-all, catch-all PPR league dynamo. And if Maroney goes down or the running game struggles, the short passing game could become their running game.

So if guys like Welker and Watson are poaching some Moss’ production, will he actually live up to his current fantasy expectations (Top 5-15)? If you have misgivings like I do, the only solution is to sell for coresponding value.

Hey, if you have any trade stuff going in your dynasty / keeper leagues, go ahead and post it and I’ll throw in my two cents.

Floyd the Barber

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  1. Baron says:

    Always enjoying your block Floyd!
    “Hey, if you have any trade stuff going in your dynasty / keeper leagues, go ahead and post it and I’ll throw in my two cents.”
    So here I go:
    14 teams dynasty, TD-only scoring!! All TDs are 6 points plus length bonus. In our league it’s all about high-scoring offenses and high-scoring guys. My team as of now:
    Portis, McGahee, KJones
    R.Moss, Fitzgerald, Evans, AJohnson
    Cooley, Witten
    I think my team already is a contender, but there are a few very good players to be had in our draft:
    RB: Rudi, T.Henry, A.Peterson, Lynch
    WR: M.Harrison, Colston, Calvin Johnson
    I have the 9th and 11th pick and I could easily trade up into the first 3 spots, though I will have to plug one of my players into the deal. My question: In our scoring format, which player would you offer in a trade for a high pick and which player would you target in the draft?
    (Option would be to stay put and add depth with players the likes of B.Quinn, A.Gonzalez, M.Turner, Meachem, Bowe…)


    Well, obviously you know the first guy I would try to move is Randy Moss, although his value is better in a TD-only format.

    The problems with Moss are well known: health, desire and diminished ability due to age. Add to this that the Patriot offense he enters has never force fed a go-to receiver. So the absolute best case scenario would be a Top 5-10 finish, but with much more potential risk than others in that group.

    In short, he’s worth the risk as a #2 fantasy WR, yet one out of the 14 teams in your league will view (and hopefully pay for) him as the Moss of old. It’s up to you to beat the bushes to find the one guy who still loves him.

    As to who to target if you can move into the Top Three, I’m a go-for-the-win, bird in the hand kind of owner, so I would target Travis Henry, Rudi Johnson and Marvin Harrison, in that order. Then probably the two rookie RBs and Colston and Calvin. If you stay put, I would take a shot on Micheal Turner

    I see your team as vulnerable at RB. I’m not a fan of Magahee and Portis seems oft-injured and has Ladell Betts to deal with. They’re above average, just not spectacular. Adding a Travis Henry or Rudi to the mix could turn this area into a strength.

    Ideally, I would want to upgrade my lead RB to something better than Portis, Maghee, Henry or Rudi. And if I were to target one player as the best short term, go-for-the-win-now player, it would be Shaun Alexander. 15 TDs seem like a lock, and with his age and injuries last year you might get him at a discount. But only you know how much of the future you might be willing to sacrifice to win now.

    Hope it helps, boss.


  2. NYBrewCrew says:

    I think he will be a sleeper pick but the weay FF is now these days Sleepers are not kept secret for long. Example Wali Lundy last year.

    About trades, I traded draft picks in my league. Trading out of the 1st round and up in the 5th giving me 7 picks in the 1st 5 rounds. I used actual NFL draft pick values for each trade. Provided by Gil Brandt at

    The thoery is that in my 2 player keeper league. 32 player are off the board, the majority are studs. I was picking at #9 which would land me a good WR but not a top 5 so I traded dwon 9 spots to 18 where I hope to get Edge or Benson due to the QB run that my league has in the 1st round. As many as 5 QB’s will be kept which will give other owners the itch to pick QB’s early. So my picks are now 18, 24, 46, 48, 49, 66 & 79.

    Keepers are McNabb & A.Johnson. I plan to use my 3rd or 4th pick on another QB to A) protect against an injury, B) Screw an owner who waited to long to pick a QB & B)have trade value to get a stud QB or WR when an owner is left short at the QB position.

  3. NYBrewCrew says:

    correction, I meant to say use the QB to get a stud RB & WR.

  4. [email protected] says:

    I just got Moss in my dynasty league for a low 1st and a low 2nd round pick. It’s a rookie/free agent draft. That ain’t bad, is it?
    Hey Gump,
    I guess it depends on the construction of your overall roster configuration and current intentions.
    Trading dynasty draft picks for Moss is an obvious go-for-the-win-now move. So if you feel Randy is the missing piece at a title run, who’s to say you’re wrong? Especially since you only gave up lower picks in each round.
    My anti-Moss thoughts are more reflective of the thought that he won’t produce at a Top 10 level, yet there should be one person who thinks he will.
    Maybe that one was you!


  5. Baron says:

    Floyd, thanks for your comments above.
    I have an offer on the table Housh for Moss (I get Housh). Given my QB (Palmer) and our scoring (TD plus length-bonus), would that be a good deal? I only have concerns about Housh’s health and age (he’s older than Moss). I see Housh as a player whou could disappear very soon. What’s your take on this?
    Thanks as always.

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