Lion offense is not too good to be true

Too many times, a fantasy situation that appears too good to be true winds up being exactly that. You see my post below about the Patriots, but let me go on the positive side and talk about the Detroit Lions. I really do wonder if even the devoted NFL fan realizes how great Mike Martz is. Yeah, I know the “genius” stuff was floated out there a lot and Martz had some issues as a head coach. But this guy is “the man” for offense. He’s the real deal; all the hype is merited. When he has the right players to run his system, it works very well – every time.

QB Jon Kitna may be a stop-gap NFL player, but he’s a great example of the difference between fantasy and reality. In the real world, Kitna will probably make a stupid throw in a key spot and lose you the game, but in fantasy he has probably thrown for over 300 yards with 1-2 TDs already, so you don’t really care. The guy never gets hurt, and while his arm strength is average, he can get the ball to his receivers. He was operating last year behind a depleted […]

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Hey Gang,

Sorry I’m not checking in as often as I’d like or should, but hopefully with feedback ideas will flow and things will pick up.

Say, did you read John Hansen’s post yesterday on the New England offense? Great stuff. If you missed it, here it is.

This only re-inforces my thought that dynasty owners of Randy Moss should sell, provided you receive full or close to full value.

A friend of mine and I are in a 16 team dynasty league and we got into a long protracted discussion on the New England Patriots and the name I kept injecting into the dialogue (much to his annoyance) was Wes Welker. Why Welker?

First, New England traded a 2nd and 7th and signed him to a sizeable contract, so they obviously have serious plans for him. Second, the hay to be made in this offense will be over the middle, be it with Moss and Stallworth clearing things out for Watson and Welker. Or Maroney running in the vast space created by their outside receivers.

The point is, I think Hansen is dead on. Wes Welker has a chance to be the Pats new […]

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