Yet another “Expert” Draft

I did yet another Expert Draft last night, and I’m here today to give you the results. I will analyze the three drafted posted here in more detail once we’re done with the magazine.This draft was for Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Magazine. Last year, I was the runner-up of this league, losing in the Championship Game in a pretty close matchup.I know it always seems like I have an early pick (I did not earlier this week in our own magazine’s draft). I do, for reason, but I’m not exactly glad about that.

Here’s the draft:

Round One
William Del Pilar 1 1 Tomlinson LaDainian RB
John Hansen 1 2 Jackson Steven RB
Ryan Houston 1 3 Johnson Larry RB
Adam Caplan 1 4 Gore Frank RB
Bob Harris 1 5 Alexander Shaun RB
Nick Bakay 1 6 Addai Joseph RB
Lenny Pappano 1 7 Parker Willie RB
Jamey Eisenberg 1 8 Westbrook Brian RB
Brandon Funston 1 9 Johnson Rudi RB
Jim Lenz 1 10 McGahee Willis RB
Todd Ullman 1 11 Brown Ronnie RB
Roger Rotter 1 12 Henry Travis RB 

I felt better about taking Jackson 2nd here, especially since I already have Johnson in one league and don’t want to get too heavily invested in him.

Round Two
Roger Rotter 2 1 Maroney Laurence RB
Todd Ullman 2 2 Smith Steve WR
Jim Lenz 2 3 Jones Thomas RB
Brandon Funston 2 4 Manning Peyton QB
Jamey Eisenberg 2 5 Bush Reggie RB
Lenny Pappano 2 6 Portis Clinton RB
Nick Bakay 2 7 Jones-Drew Maurice RB
Bob Harris 2 8 Lynch Marshawn RB
Adam Caplan 2 9 Benson Cedric RB
Ryan Houston 2 10 Holt Torry WR
John Hansen 2 11 Johnson Chad WR
William Del Pilar 2 12 James Edgerrin RB

In this league, you can start only 2 RBs, and that devalues them. It was best-player-on-the-board time, and I was happy to get my #1 ranked WR.

Round Three
William Del Pilar 3 1 McAllister Deuce RB
John Hansen 3 2 Harrison Marvin WR
Ryan Houston 3 3 Fitzgerald Larry WR
Adam Caplan 3 4 Williams Roy WR
Bob Harris 3 5 Wayne Reggie WR
Nick Bakay 3 6 Owens Terrell WR
Lenny Pappano 3 7 Moss Randy WR
Jamey Eisenberg 3 8 Boldin Anquan WR
Brandon Funston 3 9 Jacobs Brandon RB
Jim Lenz 3 10 Gates Antonio TE
Todd Ullman 3 11 Houshmandzadeh T.J. WR
Roger Rotter 3 12 Walker Javon WR

I’m still in best-player-on-the-board mode and none of the remaining RBs excite me enough to use a 3rd round pick on, so I made a safe choice.

Round Four
Roger Rotter 4 1 Colston Marques WR
Todd Ullman 4 2 Evans Lee WR
Jim Lenz 4 3 Driver Donald WR
Brandon Funston 4 4 Johnson Andre WR
Jamey Eisenberg 4 5 Burress Plaxico WR
Lenny Pappano 4 6 Barber Marion RB
Nick Bakay 4 7 Williams DeAngelo RB
Bob Harris 4 8 Palmer Carson QB
Adam Caplan 4 9 Ward Hines WR
Ryan Houston 4 10 Williams Cadillac RB
John Hansen 4 11 Brees Drew QB
William Del Pilar 4 12 Brady Tom QB

I learned my lesson from my last draft: get a stud QB. Getting Brees after already adding three other studs is a good thing. Damn, I almost got Palmer too. 

Round Five
William Del Pilar 5 1 Coles Laveranues WR
John Hansen 5 2 Green Ahman RB
Ryan Houston 5 3 Lewis Jamal RB
Adam Caplan 5 4 Moss Santana WR
Bob Harris 5 5 Jones Julius RB
Nick Bakay 5 6 Bulger Marc QB
Lenny Pappano 5 7 Jackson Darrell WR
Jamey Eisenberg 5 8 Peterson Adrian RB
Brandon Funston 5 9 Edwards Braylon WR
Jim Lenz 5 10 Brown Reggie WR
Todd Ullman 5 11 McNabb Donovan QB
Roger Rotter 5 12 Branch Deion WR

I actually like this pick a lot. This is a TD-heavy league, I think Green will score 8-10 TDs if healthy on this team. Remember all the scores Wali Lundy and Ron Dayne got last year in part time work (9 TDs total). Green should be a perfect match as my #2, what with four studs already around him.

Round Six
Roger Rotter 6 1 Johnson Calvin WR
Todd Ullman 6 2 Taylor Fred RB
Jim Lenz 6 3 Kitna Jon QB
Brandon Funston 6 4 Norwood Jerious RB
Jamey Eisenberg 6 5 Jackson Vincent WR
Lenny Pappano 6 6 Galloway Joey WR
Nick Bakay 6 7 Heap Todd TE
Bob Harris 6 8 Shockey Jeremy TE
Adam Caplan 6 9 Dunn Warrick RB
Ryan Houston 6 10 Gonzalez Tony TE
John Hansen 6 11 Berrian Bernard WR
William Del Pilar 6 12 Cooley Chris TE

Here’s where I screwed up a little. I was trying to do this draft while eating dinner with the family, and I could have sworn Chris Chambers was gone. He wasn’t, so I missed out on him. He would have been a great add at this point, but I’ll have to settle for Berrian, who is no slouch. He’s a nice #3 for me because of his explosive potential and ability to put up a big game 5-6 times a year.

Round Seven
William Del Pilar 7 1 Glenn Terry WR
John Hansen 7 2 Winslow Kellen TE
Ryan Houston 7 3 Chambers Chris WR
Adam Caplan 7 4 Stallworth Donte WR
Bob Harris 7 5 Clayton Mark WR
Nick Bakay 7 6 Cotchery Jerricho WR
Lenny Pappano 7 7 Davis Vernon TE
Jamey Eisenberg 7 8 Bell Tatum RB
Brandon Funston 7 9 Crumpler Alge TE
Jim Lenz 7 10 Taylor Chester RB
Todd Ullman 7 11 Jordan LaMont RB
Roger Rotter 7 12 Hasselbeck Matt QB

I’m starting to get heavily invested in Winslow, which might be a little risky, but he’s just such a good value. Even though you don’t get PPR in this league, I still think he could be very big with the (likely) improved play at QB and RB.

Round Eight
Roger Rotter 8 1 Bell Mike RB
Todd Ullman 8 2 Baltimore Ravens  DEF
Jim Lenz 8 3 Rivers Philip QB
Brandon Funston 8 4 Curtis Kevin WR
Jamey Eisenberg 8 5 Watson Ben TE
Lenny Pappano 8 6 White LenDale RB
Nick Bakay 8 7 Jennings Greg WR
Bob Harris 8 8 Vick Michael QB
Adam Caplan 8 9 Jones Kevin RB
Ryan Houston 8 10 Manning Eli QB
John Hansen 8 11 Jackson Brandon RB
William Del Pilar 8 12 Romo Tony QB

I needed a #3 RB with some potential, and Jackson was my choice. I recognize the potential in this blocking scheme and running system behind what was a surprisingly solid line last year. At worst, I see Jackson as a nice guy to have around for a spot-start.

Round Nine
William Del Pilar 9 1 Morency Vernand RB
John Hansen 9 2 Chicago Bears  DEF
Ryan Houston 9 3 Young Vince QB
Adam Caplan 9 4 Cutler Jay QB
Bob Harris 9 5 Porter Jerry WR
Nick Bakay 9 6 Henderson Devery WR
Lenny Pappano 9 7 Horn Joe WR
Jamey Eisenberg 9 8 Leinart Matt QB
Brandon Funston 9 9 Hackett D.J. WR
Jim Lenz 9 10 Furrey Mike WR
Todd Ullman 9 11 Betts Ladell RB
Roger Rotter 9 12 Droughns Reuben RB

As usual, I have no qualms overpaying for the Bears if they’re the best starter left on the board.

Round Ten
Roger Rotter 10 1 New England Patriots  DEF
Todd Ullman 10 2 Smith L.J. TE
Jim Lenz 10 3 San Diego Chargers  DEF
Brandon Funston 10 4 Henry Chris RB
Jamey Eisenberg 10 5 Turner Michael RB
Lenny Pappano 10 6 Roethlisberger Ben QB
Nick Bakay 10 7 Favre Brett QB
Bob Harris 10 8 Foster DeShaun RB
Adam Caplan 10 9 Holmes Santonio WR
Ryan Houston 10 10 Mason Derrick WR
John Hansen 10 11 Jones Brandon WR
William Del Pilar 10 12 Muhammad Muhsin WR

One of my favorite later-round picks is Brandon Jones, who should give me solid production from my #4 spot. He might be good enough to use as a #3 most of the season, although I’m keeping expectations realistic.

Round Eleven
William Del Pilar 11 1 Bennett Drew WR
John Hansen 11 2 Rhodes Dominic RB
Ryan Houston 11 3 Washington Leon RB
Adam Caplan 11 4 Witten Jason TE
Bob Harris 11 5 Dallas Cowboys  DEF
Nick Bakay 11 6 Pittsburgh Steelers  DEF
Lenny Pappano 11 7 McMichael Randy TE
Jamey Eisenberg 11 8 Jones Matt WR
Brandon Funston 11 9 Morris Sammy RB
Jim Lenz 11 10 Thomas Anthony RB
Todd Ullman 11 11 Smith Rod WR
Roger Rotter 11 12 Grossman Rex QB

I needed some RB depth, and Rhodes was by far the best choice left on the board.

Round Twelve
Roger Rotter 12 1 Meachem Robert WR
Todd Ullman 12 2 McNair Steve QB
Jim Lenz 12 3 Gould Robbie K
Brandon Funston 12 4 Curry Ronald WR
Jamey Eisenberg 12 5 Smith Alex QB
Lenny Pappano 12 6 Delhomme Jake QB
Nick Bakay 12 7 Johnson Eric TE
Bob Harris 12 8 Wilkins Jeff K
Adam Caplan 12 9 Bruce Isaac WR
Ryan Houston 12 10 Vinatieri Adam K
John Hansen 12 11 Schaub Matt QB
William Del Pilar 12 12 Clark Dallas TE

I’m set with Brees, so I was able to hold off later on my backup and bring in a guy who has a little upside, as Schaub does.

Round Thirteen
William Del Pilar 13 1 Crayton Patrick WR
John Hansen 13 2 Daniels Owen TE
Ryan Houston 13 3 Scheffler Tony TE
Adam Caplan 13 4 Marshall Brandon WR
Bob Harris 13 5 Kennison Eddie WR
Nick Bakay 13 6 Dillon Corey RB
Lenny Pappano 13 7 Gonzalez Anthony WR
Jamey Eisenberg 13 8 Buckhalter Correll RB
Brandon Funston 13 9 Irons Kenny RB
Jim Lenz 13 10 Olsen Greg TE
Todd Ullman 13 11 Clark Desmond TE
Roger Rotter 13 12 Davis Craig WR

I needed to secure a TE who is capable of putting up starter-like numbers given Winslow’s knee issues, and Daniels was a nice option. He could flourish with a better QB throwing him the ball this year. Daniels isn’t a stud, but he could definitely sneak into the top-10 at the position this year.

Round Fourteen
Roger Rotter 14 1 Miller Heath TE
Todd Ullman 14 2 Johnson Keyshawn WR
Jim Lenz 14 3 Williams Reggie WR
Brandon Funston 14 4 Seattle Seahawks  DEF
Jamey Eisenberg 14 5 Williamson Troy WR
Lenny Pappano 14 6 Bowe Dwayne WR
Nick Bakay 14 7 Hanson Jason K
Bob Harris 14 8 Jenkins Michael WR
Adam Caplan 14 9 Troupe Ben TE
Ryan Houston 14 10 Losman J.P. QB
John Hansen 14 11 Leonard Brian RB
William Del Pilar 14 12 Philadelphia Eagles  DEF

Not only do I get a solid reach in Leonard, I have some protection for Steven Jackson. If you draft Jackson, you better get Leonard.

Round Fifteen
William Del Pilar 15 1 Kaeding Nate K
John Hansen 15 2 Carter Drew WR
Ryan Houston 15 3 Burleson Nate WR
Adam Caplan 15 4 Denver Broncos  DEF
Bob Harris 15 5 Pollard Marcus TE
Nick Bakay 15 6 Henry Chris WR
Lenny Pappano 15 7 Buffalo Bills  DEF
Jamey Eisenberg 15 8 Miami Dolphins  DEF
Brandon Funston 15 9 Rackers Neil K
Jim Lenz 15 10 Graham Shayne K
Todd Ullman 15 11 Bennett Michael RB
Roger Rotter 15 12 Wolfe Garrett RB

It’s all about upside at this point, and Carter has some of it now that he’ll be starting and alongside Steve Smith. Nice pick here.

Round Sixteen
Roger Rotter 16 1 Stover Matt K
Todd Ullman 16 2 Gostkowski Stephen K
Jim Lenz 16 3 Minnesota Vikings  DEF
Brandon Funston 16 4 Pennington Chad QB
Jamey Eisenberg 16 5 Mare Olindo K
Lenny Pappano 16 6 Elam Jason K
Nick Bakay 16 7 Carolina Panthers  DEF
Bob Harris 16 8 Russell JaMarcus QB
Adam Caplan 16 9 Brown Josh K
Ryan Houston 16 10 Oakland Raiders  DEF
John Hansen 16 11 Akers David K
William Del Pilar 16 12 Peterson Adrian RB

Not a bad kicker to draft with the 2nd to last pick of the draft.

Projected starting lineup:
Drew Brees
Steven Jackson
Ahman Green
Chad Johnson
Marvin Harrison
Bernard Berrian (passed on Chambers thinking he was gone)
Kellen Winslow
David Akers
Chicago Bears

Matt Schaub
Brandon Jackson
Dominic Rhodes
Brian Leonard
Brandon Jones
Drew Carter
Owens Daniels

Overall Analysis
I learned my lesson on the QBs: I have to have one of the top ones this year, end of story. I also find myself avoiding some RBs this year who are typically going in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round, guys I’m just not comfortable taking that high. Guys like Jacobs, James, Lewis, McAllister, even Caddy Williams. I have no problem passing up those guys in favor of a stud wideout because there’s ample depth at RB this year. This one was pretty easy; I have a great starting lineup and very good depth. Barring a catastrophe this is one of the teams to beat.

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6 Responses

  1. fffanatic says:

    Great draft!
    Personally I just can’t get that bad feeling out of my stomach to accept taking Kellen Winslow as my starting TE. Especially with a guy like Vernon Davis still out there. Could turn out ok though.
    I am surprised how far some people have fallen in these drafts though. This is very interesting stuff and thanks for posting it. Ladell Betts in the 9th round is great value!! Chester Taylor and Lamont Jordan in 7th are pretty darn good picks too.

  2. skivvy9r says:

    Wow! IMHO, your first four picks have practically won this league for you! Ocho Cinco and Marvelous Marvin back to back…unreal! And followed that up with Dazzling Drew! Can you keep us posted on how this team plays through out the year?

  3. John Hansen says:

    Absolutely, we have updates all season on these teams usually in my strategy column tat comes out Wednesdays during the season.

  4. Reebok 1303 says:

    12 teams, 16 rounds, and Adrian Peterson goes with the very last pick to a guy who doesn’t even have Chester Taylor? How did this happen, especially since he went in the fourth round in Guru’s draft just a few days ago? How did this happen?!?!

  5. Reebok 1303 says:

    Ok, I figured it out….I’m an idiot. There are two Adrian Petersons that were drafted, and AD went to Jamey Eisenberg in the 5th round, 56th overall, and not to William Del Pilar with the last pick, who took the Bear’s backup running back. Sorry for the useless post.

    Regarding the draft, I have to second the comments above, it looks like you hit a home run with lots of solid players starting and tons of upside on your bench. Getting a top draft pick in a format like this, with 12 teams that start 2 rb’s and 3 wrs, is a tremendous advantage, especially if you’re drafting with people who are used to being very aggressive in acquiring rb’s early. I finished first in two leagues last year that were set up just like this one, where I got a top 3 pick and was able to load up on guys like Holt, Harrison, Wayne, and CJ and avoid taking my 2nd rb until the 4th round.

    I think its important to note that Manning is consistently being drafted early in the 2nd, but the next qb isn’t going until over 2 full rounds later. This means that Palmer, assuming he puts up #’s even remotely close to Peyton and performs as well as John thinks he can, will be an excellent value.

    It’s also interesting that Guru started a run of 7 straight wr’s in the third round with his selection of Harrison, and that he chose him over every other wr not named Torry Holt, Steve Smith, or Chad Johnson. I know it seems like it’s never going to happen, but one of these years Harrison has going to start showing his age and the wear and tear on his tires and prove to everyone that he’s human after all. I know, this is certainly not a good enough reason to pass on Marvelous Marvin, and I love how Guru paired CJ’s explosiveness with Harrison’s consistency, (It actually reminds me of how people used to pick against the Braves before every season simply because they had to lose EVENTUALLY – 14 years later they were finally right), but its just something to think about.

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