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Hey Gang,

The “Genetics vs. Environment” debate I promised is coming this weekend (I promise), but I thought I would leave you with a quick thought on an extrememly useful tool in dynasty, The Google Alert.

If you go to Google and type in a player’s name in quotes, and then hit ‘News’ it will provide all the stories on that player in whatever time parameters you wish. Then, usually at the bottom of Page One it will ask if you would like to create a Google Alert on that subject.

By clicking yes, you can get a daily e-mail on the player that will link you to stories, blogs, message board commentary, etc. Then simply add more players as you see fit.

I find this extremely useful in gathering information on promising rookies I’m unfamilar with and for the latest thoughts on players I’m interesting in acquiring or moving via trades.

I’ll gather a few of the better stories that showcase the thoughts of experts, league insiders, etc. on players that I’m wanting to move and make a presentation via e-mail to other owners. The words of a league insider carry much more weight then you just bragging up a player. It’s a powerful tool of persuation in the art of the deal.

Give the Google Alert a try and see if you agree.

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  1. FantasyLady says:

    I did this the first time you suggested it. It is a terrific research tool both from a fantasy perspective as well as for other research. It CAN quickly become overwhelming. I recently switched some of my alert settings from as-it-happens to daily and others from daily to weekly in an attempt to reduce information overload.

  2. JOOCE says:

    I also have been using this tool since it was recommended last year. It’s really an amazing resource, as you often get the scoops from the local newspapers who cover their team’s issues very thoroughly.


    I’m glad you both found the Google Alert useful. And you’re right, fantasylady, it can be overwhelming unless you make the right adjustments.

    Personally I found a daily e-mail on anywhere from 10-20 players is managable. Half will my own players that I might trade, and the other half players I would like to acquire either in trade or free agency.

    Floyd the Barber

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