NFL Draft Loose Clippings – Day Two

* The NFL Network and ESPN are reporting the New England Patriots have acquired WR Randy Moss from the Raiders for a 4th rounder. Wow! And you can bet your sweet bippy the Pats will protect themselves with multiple “outs” in the restructuring of Moss’ contract.

OK, here are my knee jerk FF reactions to the fallout from this news:

QB Tom Brady – Small spike. How can he significantly improve on his numbers with their defense?

RB Laurence Maroney – Substantial spike. Larry could positively run wild with Moss clearing out all of the underneath coverage trash over the middle. His long-term value is enormous right now.

TE Ben Watson & WR Wes Welker – Could also benefit for the same reasons as Maroney.

WR Donte Stallworth – Downtick, at least until Moss wears out his welcome and departs.

Oh yeah, Moss himself. Maybe in the 10-20 range among wideouts? The Pats spread the ball around too much for him to return to his glory days, but it would be a GREAT time to sell in dynasty if you can get Top 5-10 value in return. His perceived value may never be this high again. Remember – all it takes is one.

* Things have to be absolutely dour in Titletown this morning. Brett Farve must be suicidal. This was a slam dunk deal to Green Bay a month ago and Pack GM Tightwad Teddy Thompson spit the bit. No Moss. No Michael “The Burner” Turner. No Greg Olson. No nothing, except the same old unspoken message to Brett: Hey, do it all yourself.

Well, at least Donald Driver and Greg Jennings owners have a little something to rejoice about.

* The Seattle trade of Darrell Jackson to the 49ers for a 4th has also been finalized. The first question is why would they trade (arguably) their best receiever to their up-and-coming division rival? Money? Something behind the scenes? It makes no sense on the surface.

It should, however, bode -very- well for the 49ers offense. Here again are my breakdowns of how this deal impacts the Niners skill position players of note:

QB Alex Smith – Significant bump. Smith has never had a solid go-to receiver, now he does. Based on his improvement from Year One to Year Two, Smith looks like an attractive player to target in re-draft and dynasty.

RB Frank Gore – Small bump. Any kind of a proven wide threat is bound to help, but Jackson isn’t the kind of burner Randy Moss is to constantly command double attention. And to be honest, it would be hard for Gore to dramatically improve on his 2006 by too much. That said, the addition of D-Jax should eliminate any more 8 in the box for the U of Miami product.

TE Vernon Davis – I have both feet on the Davis bandwagon. In fact, I’m up on the buckboard holding the reigns! This addition is just what the doctor ordered to keep defenses honest in coverage while allowing VD to use his rare speed and athleticism to greatest advantage. I seriously see Pro Bowl numbers on the horizon.

* Louisville RB Michael Bush to Oakland. That sound you hear is Lamont Jordan’s fantasy value seeping away even further.

* Suzy Kolber? I wanna kiss you!

* Interesting, the Bills add another RB (Dwayne Wright) in the 4th round to pair with 1st rounder Marshawn Lynch and Mel Kiper and Ron Jaworski are raving about him. Smells like a handcuff to avoid a Domanick Davis eating Tony Hollings situation from Houston a few years ago.

* Wow, Lane Kiffin looks like a younger, nerdier Jason Bateman from Arrested Development.

* Hey Suzy, your boy Floyd loves you and wants to kiss you, but to let Little Teddy Thompson off the hook on the Randy Moss question during your video conference was -really- lame. For the uninformed, Kolber asked Thompson about all the pre-draft rumors with Brett Farve pushing the front office for Moss and Teddy’s retort was – I don’t talk about players on other teams. Yo Teddy! You’re not only an idiot, you’re a coward. But that’s OK. When Farve leaves your chickens will come home to roost.

* Did you see the Michael Vick interview with Kolber? You want to believe the guy when he says he’s going to put his personal life in order, but Ron Jaworski put his finger squarely on this issue – The time for talk is done, Vick has to commit to football 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

And really, isn’t work ethic what seperates the great ones from the also-rans? Keeping your FF antennae up for that kind of information is what can help you keep your dynasty roster on the straight and narrow.

* Ohio State QB Troy Smith to Baltimore. The Ravens will likely never be a passer’s paradise, but Smith has landed in a great spot for the future. Steve McNair’s days are numbered and Kyle Boller probably not the answer either, so Troy has a real chance to become their starter in a year or two. And it doesn’t hurt that Jaws is on him like Rosie O’Donnell on a hot fudge sundae.

* Another quarterback who went to an ideal situation is Jordan Palmer, the younger brother of Bengals QB Carson Palmer. Throughout his Hall of Fame career, Redskins HC Joe Gibbs has dispalyed a Midas touch with project and reclaimation quarterbacks. He takes the long view with his 2nd and 3rd stringers, preferring to let them watch and learn for a year or two. According to Jaworski and Mel Kiper, Palmer has the raw physical tools of Carson, but lacks the polish due to his lack of experience. Based on bloodlines and situation, he’s worth sticking in your FF pipeline provided you have the roster space.

*Good Morning, Minnesota! – Let’s see, the Vikings most glaring need is a proven wideout, yet they were nowhere to be found in the mix for WR Darrell Jackson. But they did manage to burn THREE draft picks on rookie WRs for their new-as-green-grass second year QB Tavaris Jackson to throw to. Of course, after deciding to pass on QB Brady Quinn. Oh yeah, and they also grabbed yet another small school project QB in the 6th.

Hey Chilly, the Iggles wouldn’t be squat without Donovan McNabb who was a high, high 1st round pick. Sheesh!

That’s it for the NFL Draft. I know we’ll all look forward to reading John Hansen’s analysis of the festivities.

Floyd the Barber

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  1. PackFan says:

    Hello Floyd the Barber,

    Randy Moss in Green Bay just would not have worked. He’s better off living around the Boston area and it will be very interesting to see if playing for the Patriots will bring out the best in him. If they can get him to play like he did 5 or 6 years ago, there will be some real interesting battles on the east coast come fall. Maybe there’s some sort of nostalgic romance in thinking about Brett Favre lofting bombs to ol’ Randy on some sort of fly pattern but no … he didn’t want to come here and an awful lot of Pack fans wouldn’t want to see him in green and gold.

    For us, it’s running back by committee . . . how’s that going to work? Who knows. The O-line should be improved, and there should be plenty of competition in the backfield, but there are no real big names. It’s a version of the West Coast Offense with a zone blocking scheme. Stay tuned.

    I thought we would have had to give up too much to move up from 16 have a chance at Marshawn Lynch or Adrian Peterson. Peterson could turn out to be a monster in this division if he can stay healthy, and if Tavaris Jackson turns out to be a good NFL quarterback in his second season. Early on, they’re going to see a lot of 8 and 9-man fronts until he proves he can pass the rock. And, if Peterson has trouble staying out of the training room . . . he’ll be the second coming of Michael Bennett. One thing for sure, the NFC North is slowly improving as a division.

  2. LionsFan says:

    I gotta say, I have nothing but good feelings about what the 49ers are becoming. I am continually impressed with the focused approach of Mike Nolan.

    Drew Stanton is a guy to watch for dynasty, in my opinion. I love that we got him, and that he comes in with the toughness and got a lot of starts in school. I’m anxious to see how someone like this can thrive in a Martz system, and I am excited to see how a new crop of “Marinelli guys” who share the same hunger for football as the coach, will do this year.

    There’s nowhere to go but up!

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    Sorry, it just sounds like a crazy idea for me :)

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