NFL Draft Loose Clippings

Alright, here are a few of your Barber’s snap judgement reactions as the Draft is unfolding.

* The big story from the dynasty perspective is unquestionably Marshawn Lynch going to Buffalo after the Vikings tabbed Adrian Peterson. The owners of the 1.01 rookie picks are now faced with a dilema. Do you draft the better talent in a less attractive situation (Peterson) or a potentially lesser back in seemingly much more attractive spot (Lynch)? Regardless of your viewpoint, the holders of the 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 could now all see their projected targets shift dramatically.

* In the short term, the stock of Adrian Peterson has taken a hit. The Vikings have yet to seriously address their considerable aerial deficencies which likely means more 8 in the box for Viking RBs. He also has to get through incumbent starter Chester Taylor (will this develope into a Thomas Jones / Cedric Benson situation?) and Peterson has his own lingering health questions. Many pundits (and maybe even the Vikings themselves) will reference the Saints two-headed RB attack in connesction with this choice. The only problem is Minnesota doesn’t have anyone resembling Drew Brees and Marques Colston in the huddle.

* The absolute stunner of 1st round was WR Ted Ginn to Miami. Why? More accurately, why not Brady Quinn? They still have huge question marks under center and reports are Ginn may not be fully healthy until 2008 – if ever. I guess that’s why these NFL folks are paid for their assessments and we’re not.

* Huge props to the Cleveland Browns brain trust for finding a way to land a franchise OT (Joe Thomas) and QB (Brady Quinn) in the same draft. The stock of Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards just took a nice spike.

* WR Calvin Johnson is Randy Moss meets Terrell Ownes with Marvin Harrison’s disposition? Hopefully, the death touch of the Lions can’t ruin him. Meanwhile, Jon Kitna’s short-term value is through the roof. If OC Mike Martz tabs a QB in the later rounds, get him!

* Generally speaking I don’t trust offenisve players who play for head coaches who came from the defensive backgrounds. Why? Because I honestly don’t think they can fully recognize and appreciate offensive talent. They place such trust in their defense, it’s almost as if they view their -own- offense as the enemy.

* What were the Chicago Bears thinking? For starters, they supposedly had three offers on the table for Lance Briggs – took none of them – and don’t seem at all inclined to meet his contract demands. So they have a disgruntled defensive cog on their hands.

* And how do you feel about the Bears decision to dump Thomas Jones now? They only received a 20 slot move up in the 2nd round from the Jets and then turned around and used a 3rd rounder on another RB in Garrett Wolfe. Is that the move of a team trying to win a Super Bowl? To me, it screams to the egos of the fellas who selected Cedric Benson (Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith) trying to prove they were right. Sad stuff.

* Day One Winners

San Francisco, to be sure. They add an agressive, run-stuffing LB in Patirck Willis early and some extra beef to their O-Line with Joe Staley later on. I really love what they’re building and am extremely bullish on their skill position players in 2007, particularly TE Vernon Davis, who I honestly think might challenge Antonio Gates among TEs. If they can steal WR Darrell Jackson for a 4th, the ceiling is the limit on FF production for all Niners in the high-powered NFC West. BTW, why aren’t the VIkings all over Jackson for a 4th??

Cleveland – A bookend tackle and frachise quarterback just might save GM Phil Savage and HC Romeo Crennel form the long walk off the short pier into Lake Erie. Plus they saved about $20 million by taking Brady Quinn at #22 instead of #3.

Dallas – It remains to be seen how self-fancied draft guru and micro-managing boss, Jerry Jones, uses the picks he stockpiled in the Quinn deal, but on paper it looks to be a bonanza for the Pokes.

Oakland – QB Jamarcus Russell for the 1.01 and the Maury Povich staging of a Lane Kiffin – Big Mike Williams reunion (with QB Luke McCown thrown in) for a 4th rounder?? Maybe there’s one more rodeo left in Land of Mistfit Toys before Elvis Al Davis kacks.

* Day One Losers

Miami – For a team rapidly aging on defense and seemingly in an eternal search for a franchise quarterback, how can you pass on Brady Quinn and burn a pick on a luxury item like Ted Ginn Jr? It’s shades of Mike Martz drafting Trung Canidate, only worse – they used the 1.09! Groomed for the pro game under the tutelage of offensive guru Charlie Weiss, there hasn’t been a rookie more ready for the mental aspects of the NFL than Quinn. Good luck with Trent Green, Cleo Lemon or whoever.

Seattle – Last year they committed their 2007 1st rounder on the potentially miscast WR Deion Branch, signed Nate Burleson to a huge deal that yielded nothing, and are now thy’re poised to trade QB Matt Hesselbeck’s only proven wideout in Darrell Jackson for a bag of beans? The Hawks are flying on broken wings and it’s gonna be a hard landing.

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  1. bsteinbe73 says:

    For this year how would you rank the top 5 TE’s since current year matters more than future? I would think Gates and Heap are 1-2 but then it gets a bit grey with Crumpler, VDavis, Winslow, and perhaps a few others. Where would you tier them?

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