Gone Fishing, That’s The Sign Upon My Door

The weeks leading up to the NFL Draft can be a time of great angst in keeper league play. Will the quarterback or running back on your fantasy team draft the next great, savior man-child in cleats? I speak from experience as a skittish Chester Taylor keeper league owner.

I’ve been toying with the idea of unloading Chet for weeks. Not because I don’t believe in Taylor’s ability, but due to the fact that an 800 pound gorillia named Adrian Peterson has been bandied about as the 1.07 pick of the Minnesota Vikings in multiple mock drafts.

Fantasy does strange things to people. I’m a life-long Vikings fan, yet hope with all my being that Peterson goes somewhere -anywhere- but to my hometown team because it will destroy the fantasy value of one of my guys. It’s insanity, encapsulated.

Thus far, I’ve stayed the course, but the flip side to the rampant fear and loathing among Chet owners and the like, is that it’s a great time for some bottom feeding trade opportunites – now and after the draft.

If the Vikings pass on Peterson, Taylor will likely retain full value. Maybe more if they draft Brady Quinn. Can you cash in on the anxiety of his owner by stealing him for a middling wideout and a prospect? Now’s the time to try if it’s a gamble you can afford to take. Chester’s still young and is a versatile player.

It reminds me of when the Bears and Saints added RBs over the last couple of years (Benson and Bush). It all but destroyed the perceived value of the incumbent starters, Thomas Jones and Deuce McAllister, but nobody told them they were yesterday’s news. Jones stiff-armed Benson away from his job for two years and is now the man for the Jets, while the Saints coaching staff found a way to maximize the skills of two stud backs with McAllister and Bush. In fact, the Saints idea has changed the way teams are thinking about the RB position – two studs are better than one.

At any rate, value was there to be had and maybe still is. All you have to do is ask.

And Good Fishing!

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