NFL draft to mirror fantasy draft for some NFL teams

I was reading a publication that projected the Packers drafting a WR, RB, and TE with its first three picks. Reading that, I felt like e-mailing head coach Mike McCarthy to remind him not to take a kicker too high.

For most fantasy fans, the excitement of the NFL draft stems from the fantasy fallout and the drafting of skill players. Lucky for us, then, that this year’s draft should be skill player intensive for many teams, like the Packers.

Here’s a quick look at all 32 teams, with a focus on those teams looking to add to their fantasy firepower

ARI – They could certainly take a back, but the one skill position they may be looking at is TE. Leonard Pope isn’t considered a good enough blocker for Ken Whisenhunt’s taste.

ATL – Despite picking up Joe Horn, Atlanta may still add a wideout, and they may even be in the mix for Calvin Johnson. They may also take a bigger back who would be a better fit for the team’s new power running game, like Michael Bush.

BAL – The only thing that jumps out at me here is RB. The Ravens brought Musa Smith back for another season, but they should look to upgrade their backup situation because they can’t rely on Smith.

BUF – They certainly need a RB, and a wideout or two, and also a TE. You never know what these guys will do – Dick Jauron and Marv Levy place a high emphasis on defense and character – but they could be one of the most fantasy-oriented NFL drafts this weekend.

CAR – TE is the primary focus here and they will almost certainly take one of the top ones. The question is: will they take a front-line guy or a 2nd tier guy in the 2nd or 3rd round?

CHI – They may look to add a wideout a TE, or maybe even a QB, but there probably won’t be a fantasy bonanza in Chicago.

CIN – This team needs to help its defense, so don’t expect much excitement here at the skill positions.

CLE – They could take a RB in the 1st round, and they will definitely take one on the first day. They could of course also take a QB, and they need a WR, so this should be an active team for fantasy interest.

DAL – They really need a receiver, and they might take one in the 1st round, so this should be a team to watch come Saturday.

DEN – These guys are pretty set on the offensive side of the ball, so they probably won’t make a fantasy splash this weekend.

DET – They have a crack at a top QB and could have to make a decision to make on Calvin Johnson, so while it’s no lock they are active in terms of the skill positions, they could make a big impact.

GB – As mentioned above, they need help at RB, WR, TE, and it’s even possible they take a QB, so this should be the team to watch for fantasy purposes.

HOU – They certainly need a receiver, and they might be in the market for a back who could potentially take over for Ahman Green in the next 1-2 years.

IND – They are perilously thin at receiver, so look for them to address the position on the first day. They do have other needs, however, so they might not take a WR in the first. Lucky for them, this is a very deep receiver class.

JAC – They’re certainly not loaded and bursting with talent at the skill positions, but they have good depth at all spots, so they may lay low this weekend from that perspective.

KC – They desperately need a receiver, and a quality backup RB would help.

MIA – They could be in the mix to draft QB Brady Quinn, and they could use a TE and maybe even a WR. At some point, there’s going to be some fantasy implications from their draft. 

MIN – They could use a RB and a TE, and they desperately need a wideout or two. They might pull the trigger on Brady Quinn if he’s there. So there’s no shortage of fantasy possibilities for this team. Of course, no one will be shocked if they do the complete opposite of what’s expected.

NE – The one position to look at here is RB. There are concerns about Laurence Maroney’s ability to stay healthy, so a quality young prospect would be a wise investment.

NO – This team is pretty much set at the skill position, but they could certainly use some help at WR.

NYG – They could take a change-of-pace back, and they could use a wideout for sure. This team has a lot of other needs, however, so don’t expect anything big for fantasy this weekend.

NYJ – The position to look at here is TE. They could take one with their first pick and that player would be an upgrade over Chris Baker and help this offense. And since they depth is great at receiver, they should take one relatively early because they are thin at the position.

OAK – They’ll get either a stud QB or WR, and they might draft a TE later. But other than the huge #1 pick, this probably won’t be a fantasy-oriented draft.

PHI – There’s always some trepidation in Philly when it comes to drafting a wideout in the first, thanks to bust Freddie Mitchell. But Philly should add a receiver. TE is also a strong possibility because L.J. Smith hasn’t progressed well enough and is in the final year of his contract. Finally, with the team souring on RB Ryan Moats, they could take a back. This won’t be a huge fantasy draft, but there will be a skill player or two added here.

PIT – They could look to add a bigger back to team with Willie Parker, and Penn State’s Tony Hunt would fit the bill. Otherwise, they probably will look to upgrade their defense and O-line.

SD – Receiver could be their top need, and there will be some good ones available even this late in the first round. I’m very curious to see who they take because I like this passing offense in 2007.

SEA – You would have to think they team will look to add a TE, since new starter Marcus Pollard is a fossil. It’s not out of the realm of possibility they look to add a back who could eventually replace Shaun Alexander. We know Maurice Morris isn’t the guy.

SF – The team desperately needs help at receiver, so look for them to take a WR in the 2nd or 3rd round. Other than a 2nd day pick or two, that should be the extent of their draft from the skill perspective.

STL – They might be in the market for an upgrade at backup RB, and a receiver isn’t out of the question if a great one falls to them in the 1st or 2nd round.

TB – They’d love to have a chance to take Calvin Johnson, first and foremost. Receiver is a pressing need, since Joey Galloway is officially ancient and Michael Clayton officially a bust.

TEN – Receiver is their first priority, but there’s a good chance they also draft a back, so this is one of the more interesting teams to watch this weekend.

WAS – They simply don’t have enough picks to make a splash, unless they trade their #1 pick for some later ones. They certainly need help at WR.

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  1. LionsFan says:

    Assuming they don’t move down, if Calvin Johnson is still there at #2, the Lions would be crazy not to take him. 4 WR #1 round picks in a row notwithstanding, this guy is too special to pass up.

    I just wish he were the WR they’d drafted LAST year.

    That said, if Johnson is taken or dealt by OAK, I like Joe Thomas here.

    Just my .02

  2. Hannah says:


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