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I don’t have much today, since the NFL news is pretty light as we gear up for the draft. I do see the Dolphins appear poised to acquire QB Trent Green, as I suspected. If Green is acquired, it’s also clear that Daunte Culpepper will be cut. I wrote about the “Culpepper Conundrum” a little while ago, but it appears it might not be a problem at all in Miami: Green will be a Dolphin, and Culpepper will be out on the street. If Culpepper is moved, however, it would be interesting to see if the Raiders bite. In theory, they could acquire the guy, reunite him with Randy Moss, and then draft Calvin Johnson. That would be a big risk, however, since Culpepper appears to be damaged goods, both physically and mentally.

I’m spending today testing our new subscriber database system. I’m excited about this because it’s been a long time coming. I would venture to guess that 90% of the technical problems we’ve had with the site have been tied to us using an older system and technology to handle user logins and account management. Over the last two years, we’ve taken a bit of a risk by opting to upgrade the front-end of the site (the tools, etc. that users have at their disposal online) while hoping the back-end (the subscriber database) can hold up. My feeling was I’d rather offer customers more tools, options, etc. than take up so much of our programmer’s time developing a new system. We made it through the last two years relatively well, but there have been some rough patches and the old system has been a source of great stress.

However, after nearly four months of development, we’re almost ready to roll this bad boy out. Programmer Jeff Mitchell has done a terrific job designing a system that handles all our needs. The new system is designed to work our front-end database, but more importantly is should completely stabilize the site in all areas. User logins will always work, customers will be able to retrieve lost passwords easily, change of e-mails will be seamless, and users will even be able to login and always see when their subscription expires. They’ll even be able to click on a link and renew another year whenever they want. In addition, the new system will stabilize the performance of the site. It should run faster, and most importantly it should handle peak traffic times better.

In short, a great burden hanging over my head will be lifted, so 2007 is already a lock to be a great year in my eyes.

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