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Yahoo! Sports reported yesterday that Titan RB LenDale White weighed over 260 pounds earlier this month at the start of the team’s off-season conditioning program.

I have mentioned several times how White is nowhere near being ready to be their guy, but this is ridiculous. This guy was considered a top-15 overall pick right after the national championship game last year, yet concerns about his weight, among other things, caused his stock to drop. The Titans couldn’t pass on him in the 2nd, but that’s still a big drop from where he was projected to go right after his college career ended. From Day One, head coach Jeff Fisher was concerned with his weight and his conditioning, and the concerns lasted quite a long time. It’s not exactly a good sign when a coach is talking about the conditioning of a kid in his early 20s, and in the middle of the season, but that was the case with White last year. People were all over Chester Taylor last year, when he was reportedly a little out of shape in like April; White wasn’t where he needed to be in like October.

You would think, given all the problems teammate Pacman Jones is going through, that he would be cognizant of the need for him to keep the LenDale White news positive. Not only that, but with the team losing Travis Henry, the microscope is clearly on White, and so far we’re seeing things that make you sick. His weight and conditioning was probably the #1 issue with White. But forget about the actual weight now; the bigger issue lies with the person. How can this kid let himself blow up like this? That’s hardly a desire to be great.Now, he’s reportedly been active in the off-season program, but to me it’s crystal clear now: LenDale White is a bad dude. He’s a bum. The light hasn’t gone on, and you have to wonder already if it will.

There’s no way the Titans can count on White, and they probably can’t depend on Chris Brown. Maybe Brown will be back for another season on the cheap, but we should expect Tennessee to take a back early in the draft, maybe even in the first round. Unfortunately for the Titans, they might not get a crack at Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch, so they might have to take a shot on a promising back in the 2nd or 3rd round. Potential options include Antonio Pittman, Chris Henry, and Kenny Irons.

The possibility of bringing Brown back to compete with White gives them some flexibility, but it appears Tennessee made a big mistake letting Henry go.  

On a related note, I’ve been able to lose 22 lbs from 1/1/07. From August-December, I think we ate takeout 65% of the time, due to the incredibly hectic lifestyle we lead (4 kids, 2 infant twins, working about 75 hours a week). I also quit smoking two years ago, so that didn’t help. I got on the scale on 1/1, and was 240 (I’m 6-2). That was the fattest I’ve ever been, so I finally went on a diet. I have worked out plenty, but never went on a diet. Actually, I’m not even on a structured diet, I’m just avoiding sweets, breads, and instead of eating 2-3 portions until I can’t take another bite, I’m simply eating until I’m no longer hungry. I’m keeping the beer consumption to a minimum, too. I work out 5-6 times a week for about an hour each time. I don’t know much about diet and weight loss, but here’s what’s been working for me:

Breakfast: 2-3 eggs, maybe an omelet with some ham or bacon in it.
Lunch: A wrap, turkey or ham, with a slice of cheese, some type of healthier chip/cracker, and a pickle or two.
Dinner: Typically a solid meal, chicken, beef, fish, with a salad, and at least one veggie.

It’s all worked, and I’m now 218. I’m going to see if I can lose 5 lbs a month until I hit 200, which is what I was when I was 20. Most likely, I’ll hit a wall at 210, but I’ll take that.

My motivation is simply to not be fat, and it’s enough motivation for me. So what the hell is LenDale White thinking?

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  1. winit4mosi says:


    I’m with you on the weight loss thing, but I’m not sure how you’re doing it with that breakfast…2-3 eggs with ham or bacon?!! Don’t get me wrong, I love eggs and bacon, but they don’t love me. If I have eggs at all, it’s a two egg omelet (one being an egg white), whole GRAIN toast and about 5-6oz. of OJ and 1-2 cups of coffee with non-dairy creamer and agave (a low-glycemic sweetener that is actually sweeter than sugar).

    Lunch is about the same thing that you’re doing, a wrap (whole wheat)with some veggies and greens mixed in and a handful of almonds (or healthy nuts) with a Diet Pepsi or Coke.

    Dinner is slightly more substantial, meat or fish, whole grain pastas, lost of veggies and usually one glass of red wine and lots of water.

    I’ve lost 18 lbs in about a month and I’m just now starting to level off a bit. I have to stay on top of exercise (I work about 50-65 hrs a week) to keep the ball rolling, but it’s been pretty easy the last week or so, so I pretty happy.

    Eliminating a lot of salt and sugar has been the best part about this change, as HBP and heart disease runs in my family. Anyway, good for you man, keep up the good fight.

  2. John Hansen says:

    Wow, 18 in a month is a lot, contrats. I find it’s better for many reasons to keep expectations and even results fairly minimal. Assuming you’re not way overweight, keep it to 5 lbs a month, and you’ll be happy soon enough. Everything in moderation.

    I guess I’m doing well ’cause I always ate like a horse, so my body’s used to that. That food’s nothing to my system, it’s bordering on starvation.

  3. ditka85 says:

    Ironically, I’ve started working out and dieting around the same time. So far I’ve lost 20 lbs. (Started at 230). The “dieting” part is really using your head. I basically watch my fat, sugar and carb intake. My wife and I now draw up a weekly dinner menu to help structure our routine. This really helps avoid the “Why don’t you stop and pickup some Burger King on the way home” pitfalls that happen when we are short on time or just plain lazy.

    Good luck!

  4. John Hansen says:

    Yeah, F that fast food. I quit that 100% two years ago. I haven’t had a single morsel of FF in like 27 months.

  5. winit4mosi says:


    For years I weighed about 175 lbs (at 5′ 10″). Once I hit 30 (7 years ago!) I added about 6-8 lbs a year. I’ve also been a hearty eater, my Portuguese grandma made sure. My current plan isn’t strict, nor do I find it to be starvation. I have a few beers now and again, and enjoy my wife’s homemade baked goods, so I’m no saint. My mantra is, workout at least three times a week, eat in moderation and stay away from the processed crap.

    BTW, nice job ditka85, keep up the good work!

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