Pe-Draft Rookie Report up

In case you haven’t noticed, our annual pre-draft rookie report is up now here:

I can’t believe this is our 12th pre-draft report. In 1996, our first year, we cut across the grain a bit by naming WR Terry Glenn our #1 player at any position. Back then, we ranked the players overall, as opposed to by position. Here’s a look back at the players we ranked #1 in the first six years:

1996: Terry Glenn (over Marvin Harrison and Keyshawn, which was risky)
1997: Tiki Barber (that was a ballsy ranking at the time)
1998: Randy Moss (Said he would be one of the best of all-time)
1999: Ricky Williams (with Edge a very close second)
2000: I honestly don’t remember, but I know it was either Shaun Alexander or Thomas Jones
2001: Michael Vick

If I have to rank this year’s group overall, in terms of their fantasy potential considering both the short-term and the long-term, here’s how my top-10 would shape up.

1. Calvin Johnson
2. JeMarcus Russell
3. Adrian Peterson
4. Marshawn Lynch
5. Brady Quinn
6. Robert Meachem
7. Ted Ginn Jr.
8. Greg Olsen
9. Antonio Pittman
10. Zach Miller

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