Saints re-sign Copper

It might not seem like a big deal, but the Saints this week re-signed WR Terrance Copper to a one-year contract. Previously, I had heard that he might not be back due to interest elsewhere. The Saints have lost veteran Joe Horn, so keeping Copper around was important. Copper had some fumbling problems last year, but he was a helpful and effective player for them, catching 23 passes for 385 yards and 3 TDs. The Saints won’t be sneaking up on anyone in 2007, so it’s important for them to retain as many weapons as possible. And let’s be honest: this is a thin wide receiving corps to begin with.

The Saints last year listed Copper as Horn’s backup, but I would imagine WR Devery Henderson will see the field more, opposite Marques Colston. They did, however, use a lot of 3-WR sets, so Copper should see the field plenty and will give Drew Brees another solid receiver with some size to go along with Colston. With those two receivers on the field, not to mention new TE Eric Johnson, this should contintue to be a diverse passing attack with Henderson being the big-play guy.

It’s good news for QB Drew Brees, who will have plenty of weapons at his disposal again this year. 

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  1. The Commish says:

    What’s your take on Brees this coming year? I personally am very worried that last year was a bit of a fluke, and that maybe we shouldn’t expect him to be the next Culpepper (that is the other fantasy superstar QB to Manning). I have him ranked #5 in my early rankings .I could definitely see him becoming a solid Tom Brady type who is consistently top 5 material, just not sure if he’s ready to become the next QB superstar?

  2. The Commish says:

    Oh, and I agree keeping Copper was important. Losing J. Horn didn’t really hurt them much, since he was hardly healthy at all last year anyway, but it is good to keep that group together with as well as they did.

  3. John Hansen says:

    I have no worries about Brees. The only concern I could have would be injury-related. Keep in mind the head coach is an excellent play caller and game planner and there is plenty of talent. I think their shaky defense will continue to force them to throw it plenty. He’ll be #3 for me.

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