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I’ve been working all week on the site’s Keeper League overviews. Even if you’re not in a keeper league, they are good mini previews for the 2007 season, so make sure you check them out. Unfortunately, it’s about 150 hours of work, so I’m still only on the RBs. They’ll be up sometime next week, but I figured I’d post up my Matt Schaub writeup. I have him in the second tier of keeper QBs, right under Vince Young and around guys like Matt Leinart, Tony Romo, and even Eli Manning.

Matt Schaub (Hou, 26) – Schaub has shone in limited action in his brief this past year, including a snappy 298-yard, 3-TD game against the Patriots in 2005. Schaub is a tall QB at 6’5” and while he may not have great movement in the pocket, he can run a little and throw on the run, and he is otherwise considered a strong passer and a good leader. He can make every throw, he’s poised, and he seems to know where to go with the football. And he seems to see the field well and make decisions quickly. He has shown clear signs of having “it” at the QB position, and “it” can be a very valuable commodity. He’s unproven, yes, but we think he’s a better passer and field general than David Carr right now, and he definitely has an intriguing future, so we love the move to Houston. Schaub will benefit from the strong coaching and system (a version of the West Coast, a system Schaub knows well) lead by head coach Gary Kubiak, and while the receiving corps is thin, there is an elite #1 in Andre Johnson and a promising TE in Owen Daniels. It’s not going to be easy for Schaub to step right in and lead this team from Day One, but we see him logging in a season similar to the one Phillip Rivers did in 2005, and Rivers was a top-15 fantasy QB. Long-term, Schaub easily has the potential to be a 25 TD guy the next 5-7 years in Houston under Kubiak.

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  1. The Commish says:

    I think saying that Schaub has shined may be a bit overstating things. In his entire career I count 5 games he played a significant role in and the Falcons lost all 5. His career stats have him throwing about 50% which is not nearly high enough for a west coast offense, and his TD to int. ratio is 1 to 1. So while he did have one good fantasy game out of 5 chances, putting too much weight on that one game that was over a year and a half ago, could lead to thinking way too much of a guy, who will now be playing on a team with even less talent than the one he was previously with. And while I appreciate the idea of “it” in relation to a QB…what specifically leads us to believe that Schaub has it?

  2. John Hansen says:

    True, he hasn’t done nearly enough in the regular season. But in college (under a pro coach, Al Groh), in the preseason, and in practice, Schaub has shown the it factor. A good sense of timing and anticipation, an ability to see the field clearly, poise. There are a lot of intangible qualities he brings to the table, and physically he’s rock solid. And that was great game was against Belichick in New England. It is dangerous to say anything definitive about a guy who hasn’t played enough, but he has shown every sign of being a quality starter. That’s clear around the league, and why the Falcons knew they had to get something for him now, rather than lose him for nothing next year.

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