Seattle, we may have a problem

I’ve been a Matt Hasselbeck fan for quite some time, to a fault at times (he was one of my big sleepers of 2001, and he busted). I’ve also been enamored with the Seattle offense for a while, and with good reason. But I gotta say, I’m a little worried about this offense right now. Hasselbeck’s supporting cast seems to be slipping. The O-Line isn’t what is once was, RB Shaun Alexander is close to reaching the downside of his career, and his receiving corps is a little unsettled with that loser Jerramy Stevens gone. Stevens will be replaced by Marcus Pollard, and there is no way Pollard will give them the vertical threat down the seam Stevens did, so despite Stevens’ drops and issues, the Seahawks will miss him.   

Additionally, WR Darrell Jackson and/or Bobby Engram could be right behind Stevens. Engram could very well leave via free agency (New Orleans would be a great fit), and Jackson’s future is very much in the air. He’s been the subject of trade rumors due mainly to his injury issues. When they acquired Deion Branch last fall I felt that could be the end of Jackson’s tenure in Seattle, and it still could be. They also added Nate Burleson last year, but while he did some good things in the return game, his career has taken a perplexingly bad turn. What is this offense is without Jackson, Engram, and Stevens, three huge factors in their Super Bowl run? And what if Alexander has more injury problems or continues to show he’s on the decline?  

I may be overreacting here in March, however. Branch did fail to live up to expectations, but he will be better in his second year here. The team also still has restricted free agent D.J. Hackett, a quality player. If Alexander can return to form, this offense could be more than fine.
We’ll have to watch this situation closely, however, because while there is plenty of promise here still, there’s also a lot more downside in Seattle than there has been in several years.

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  1. John Hansen says:

    It looks like Engram could stick in Seattle, and that would help a lot. He’s a lot mroe valuable to Hasselbeck than a lot of people realize.

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