The Giants are screwed

Sometimes, the planets align for an NFL team, and things come together perfectly, like they did for the Saints last year. Other times, things just don’t work out for a promising NFL team, and hopes, dreams, and aspirations are never met.

Less than one year ago, the Giants were a promising team, but I’m pretty sure they’re screwed right now. Let’s take a look at what’s happened to them in just over a half year:

Their franchise player and key leader, RB Tiki Barber, retired. Barber was still playing at an incredibly high level.

Their franchise QB, Eli Manning, did not build on a solid 2005 season. Instead he regressed, continually showing an unwillingness to accept punishment, to stare down the gun barrel and throw the ball. His accuracy continued to be a problem and interested observers are already starting to wonder just how motivated this guy is to even play football. If Manning’s body language can be converted to actual words they would likely be something like “get me the hell out of here.”

Their head coach has become a lame duck, since he’s entering the final year of his contract. Barring a minor miracle, he’ll likely be gone in 2008.

They lost their kicker, Jay Feeley, who is pretty solid, and replacing him should be a tough task.

They released one of their best linemen, LT Luke Petitgout. They’ll now try to implement a power running game with an shakier O-Line that is better suited for more of a finesse running game, the style Barber brought to the table. Manning’s back-side will be protected by a shaky player.

They lost their backup TE, and their starter, Jeremy Shockey, has once again failed to report to the team’s first off-season workout. Shockey’s still a good player who plays hard, but his cockiness has worn thin, and it doesn’t look like he’ll ever gain the explosiveness he exhibited in his rookie season.

Their #1 WR, Plaxico Burress, had a strong 2006 season, but he’s still skipping off-season workouts, and he’s still something of a one-trick pony. He could implode at any moment.

Their LBs corps, promising a year ago, is down to one proven player, MLB Antonio Pierce.

Their secondary proved to be shakier than expected, and it hasn’t gotten better yet.

Other than that, the Giants are fine.

If you want to talk about bad vibes, then the 2007 conversation should start with the New York Giants. I avoid bad vibes in the preseason, so I expect to be avoiding any and all Giants in my fantasy drafts this year.

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  1. PackFan says:

    Less than a year ago I was hoping I could “steal” Eli Manning on draft night … maybe picking him up in the seventh round … fortunately as it turned out, he was long gone before I was willing to consider a quarterback. And now, after reading this …

    Isn’t it funny how the college guys can’t wait to leave school and get into the NFL, and once they’re in the league, their perspective teams can’t get them off the college campuses and back into their own weight rooms?

    Must be easier to impress the college girls with a fat contract, a shiny new car – and no classes to attend.

    Maybe all bonuses should be based on wins and loses? Think what the league might look like if all contracts were guaranteed, like in the NBA.

  2. Tom44 says:

    Eli is going to have some serious problems this year. With Tiki gone, he’s going to be relying primarily on Plaxico, Shockey and Toomer.

    Plaxico is a WR with lots of talent and a touch of Randy Moss syndrome. If he’s not “up” to play, he can completely be taken out of the game.

    Shockey is usually a little over-motivated and usually ends up hurting himself. Granted he’s a tough guy who plays through the pain, but he doesn’t necessarily PRODUCE through the pain.

    Toomer is old reliable, but he won’t scare the defense.

    If the Giant running game doesn’t click from week 1, I expect to see Eli getting knocked around a LOT. That’ll lead to more bailing out on passes and delivering off his back foot – which is the primary source of his inaccuracy and inconsistency.

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