Let Titans pass on WR in the 1st

The Titans lost Drew Bennett this off-season and didn’t get a deal done with WR Kevin Curtis, so now the talk of their weak receiving corps will heat up even more. I hope the organization doesn’t buy into that talk and uses its #1 pick on a wideout because I think they still have some solid players at the position. Their situation this year reminds be a little of 2004, when people thought they were crazy rolling with youngsters Drew Bennett, Justin McCareins, and Tyrone Calico (14 TDs between then) along with #1 guy Derrick Mason.

The Titans signed Justin Gage this past weekend, which doesn’t have me doing handstands, but I hope it’s enough to prevent them from using their 1st pick on a big physical receiver such as LSU’s Dwayne Bowe. David Givens tore up his knee pretty badly in November, and he probably won’t be ready for the start of the season, but a lot of people have forgotten about Courtney Roby and Roydell Williams, two players who can play. Roby is a solid speed guy with good quickness, while Williams is a comparable player who has the ability to beat defenses deep.

But the main reason I don’t want to see the Titans draft a high profile wideout is Brandon Jones. I’ve liked Jones from Day One, starting in the summer of 2005, when he was the talk of Titans training camp as a rookie. It’s a football cliché at this point, but Jones really did “catch everything thrown his way” that year. Jones may not have the speed to consistently run away from people, but he has good size and he’s a strong and physical receiver. I think at his best he could be someone in Hines Ward’s class; maybe not as tough, but a little more explosive. I really liked what I saw from him in 2005, and even though he blew out his knee that year he was able to return in 2006 and contribute. Not only that, but I saw clear signs that he was developing a strong chemistry with QB Vince Young, especially in the red zone. Now, I don’t expect any Titan receiver to be special in 2007, but Jones is clearly someone to look at later in drafts. If he’s the clear #1 here, and if all goes well, he’ll be a terrific #3 fantasy WR this year.

The Titans do need to take a receiver early, but if the team takes a wideout #1, then Jones’ value will take a significant hit for this year and for future years for those in keeper leagues.  

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  1. PackFan says:

    John – Speaking of receivers, do you think Randy Moss could resurrect his career in Green Bay, with the likes of Brett Favre tossing bombs his way? In one sense, it seems as though Moss has the talent (or at least once did) to battle defensive backs on long ball attempts and come down with the catch more times than not – similar to what Javon Walker did during his breakout season with the Pack a couple of years back. Favre is notorious for throwing into double coverages … but he seems to have this unspoken reliance on his receiver’s ability to “go up and get it.”

    Besides Driver and 2nd year man Jenkins, the Pack could field a wide-out corp with Robert Fergusen, Moss and by Thanksgiving … perhaps Koren Robinson, if he is reinstated after his supension. Carlyle Holiday also showed some promise during the later part of the 2006 season.

    I guess I’m not asking you to predict if the trade is going to happen … but, do you think Moss could actually have enough gas left in the tank to give the Green Bay passing attack a potent deep threat – or given his recent history – is he simply a cancer in-waiting?

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