Moss could Pack a punch in Green Bay

Randy Moss
is a one-dimensional player whose skills are eroding. At his best last year for the Raiders he was going through the motions. By midseason, he quit.

Moss needs to be properly motivated these days. That’s a sad statement for someone making damn near $10 million a year, but it’s the reality. If properly motivated, and in the right situation, I believe Moss can still make big plays and a big fantasy impact.

As someone who has followed the league very closely the last 10+ years, and is (unfortunately) a Viking fan, I think playing in Green Bay with Brett Favre will properly motivate him. I think he respects Favre more than any other player in the league, and I think the veteran would get the best out of Moss. Moss and Favre would bring a schoolyard mentality to the table. We know Moss wants the ball and he wants it deep, and we know Favre has the arm to deliver it, and that he’s not afraid to pull the trigger even if Moss is blanketed. Yes, Moss is one-dimensional, but the one dimension happens to set up perfectly for Favre.

The Packers have a promising young receiver in Greg Jennings, but he really took a step back in the second half of the season, so I wonder about his ability to maintain a high level of play as a starter in his second year. And the depth behind him at receiver in Green Bay is horrible. The Packers have Favre back for another year, so they might as well try to win. This isn’t a great team, but they are solid in pretty much all areas. If they add Moss and the planets align, they could be a 10 or 11-win team and do some damage in the playoffs.

The Packers would have to somehow work out a deal that is fair for them and minimizes risk, but I think they should take a shot with Moss.

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  1. pferg says:

    OK, even if I buy into the idea tha Moss may decide that he want to actually try, why draft him? It seem to me that someone in your draft is going to overvalue him – why not let them pick him? Right now, at the very best, Moss is ranked at the very bottom of WR#2s in a 12 team league. So if he goes to GB, how far should he move up? A couple of spots? Personally, I’d rather wait a few extra rounds and grab a couple of WR2 types and make week-to-week decisions. Bottom line, even with Favre, I don’t see how you can “go to war” relying on Moss. Let someone else deal with the headache.

  2. John Hansen says:

    That may be true on Moss, but his presence should make Favre a strong starter, which he hasn’t been considered for a while now (even if he has been at times).

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