The Chargers made the right choice

I can’t say for sure that Norv Turner was a great hire for the NFL Chargers, but I’m confident he will be great for the fantasy football Chargers, especially QB Phillip Rivers.

While his excellent track record with RBs (Emmitt Smith, Terry Allen, Stephen Davis, LaDainian Tomlinson, Ricky Williams, Frank Gore) gets most of the fantasy headlines, a bigger key to me especially in this case is Turner’s track record working with young QBs. Turner has repeatedly shown an ability to coach up younger players and put them in the best position to succeed. Just last year, he helped 49er QB Alex Smith go from looking like a rookie in way over his head and destined to go down as a bust to a player clearly on the right track toward a successful career. He does it by play-calling, scheme, and some old-fashion coaching.

Turner’s coaching style sets up well for the Charger players. Turner likes to pound the ball with a power running game, and then take shots downfield. He’s also a coach who tends to have success incorporating the TE into the offense. He was Tomlinson’s offensive coordinator in LT’s rookie year, and that worked out well, so Turner will focus on Rivers, who much like Troy Aikman (a sharp mind, a hall of famer, and someone who can’t say enough good things about Turner) is a typical pocket passer with good size, a strong arm and an ability to make all the throws, and good accuracy. I would expect Turner to do a great job polishing up Rivers’ game and putting him in the best position to succeed and I would expect a very efficient 2007 season from the young QB. I have no qualms at all with Tomlinson and TE Antonio Gates, and I think I feel even better now about WR Vincent Jackson, who is a huge receiver but who can also make big plays downfield.

The Chargers made the right choice.    

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  1. bleedjetgreen says:

    I’ll agree with you that Norv can’t do anything but help LT2, but I’m not so sure he’s such a great boon to a fantasy passing game.

    Norv creates absolute stud RBs wherever he goes – Lamont, Gore, Ricky Williams, Terry Allen… He’s the reason I was so high on Gore this year. However, while he’s good at managing QBs, they have never been explosive for fantasy. Alex Smith and Kerry Collins were nice for fantasy, but neither won you a championship. That’s surprising considering how often they played from behind, but I think Turner never really turns it loose on offense unless he’s desperate. Look at the wideouts too – Moss and Antonio Bryant were nice players, but pretty damn inconsistent (a la Alvin Harper back in Big D). I like Vincent Jackson, but I would not overpay for him.

    The one guy who may benefit is Antonio Gates, but I still don’t see a return to his 2005 production.

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