This Carr won’t take you anywhere

I’m sure it’s annoying when fantasy writers such as myself waffle on some issues. Unfortunately, waffling is unavoidable in many cases in today’s week-to-week and year-to-year NFL. In many cases, you can make a definitive statement about a player and be right half the time, so making those definitive statements can be difficult.

But I’ll make one right now: David Carr does not have a good future as an NFL starter, no matter where he goes.

In a weak free agent and NFL draft class, Carr, still only 27, will get a lot of attention and will be the subject of a lot of rumors. The Texans appear ready to give up on Carr, or they at least do not appear keen on paying him what he’s in line to make the next two years ($5.2 and $6 million in 2007 and 2008).

There are a lot of teams that should have at least a passing interest in Carr: The Vikings, Raiders, Browns, Chiefs, and Bears, and maybe even the Dolphins and Panthers.

But I’ve seen enough of this guy to believe he won’t succeed. The new coaching staff did a great job handling and massaging him in 2006, yet by midseason they were resigned to limiting him to a dink-and-dunk offense that was very limited. The guy’s obviously been shell-shocked after getting sacked 250 times in his five years, but I think the key problem for him is he doesn’t see the field well.  He can make all the throws physically, but I seriously doubt his ability to make them all mentally, and I have major doubts about his ability to turn his career around.

Put it this way: if a 33 year old Jake Plummer is a major upgrade over you, and Plummer is over Carr, then your career is in big trouble.

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