Kevin Jones Keeper Value Drops

2/14/07 Update: There’s a blurb on today that disputes the story that Jones might not be ready until around midseason. I feel better now, but I’m still very concerned with Jones’ value in 2007 and beyond. We’ll see what happens, but it’s very likely that we don’t see much of Jones in the preseason, so he’s going to be a risky pick no matter what.  

It’s already hard for me to remember how Lion RB Kevin Jones was a stud in my PPR leagues this past year, and very good in any scoring format. That’s because Jones now has some serious issues. The Lions were hoping he could return for the start of the 2007 season, but the latest word is that he won’t be ready until around mid-season. That means the Lions will have to look at a RB either in free agency or early in the draft. If they make a play for a guy like Michael Turner or use a high pick on a back, Jones’ keeper value would severely plummet. He did a terrific job in 2006, but I was still very much disappointed in his running. In 2004, his rookie season, I thought he was one of the fastest players at the position. In 2006, I thought he was one of the slowest players on the field, and that’s not good. Jones is still an explosive back, and he has the power to grind out some tough yards, but he doesn’t have a very good short-area burst, and he’s too slow and plodding coming out of his breaks. I think a lot of his production this past year was a function of Mike Martz’ offense in terms of his receiving and also the fact that teams defended the pass first. Too many of his yards came on delays, screens, and draws. If you need this guy to grind out 100 yards rushing against a good defense, he probably won’t do it for you. Unless the Lions make him the head coach, I don’t think Martz will be back in 2008, so that means Jones could enjoy Martz’ presence for only 8-10 more games, and he might be enjoying it while sharing playing time with another quality player who the Lions were forced to acquire due to his injury.

I have Jones as my #1 back in my only keeper league, and I think I’m screwed.

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