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One thing I failed to mention last week but wanted to was where I was this time last week. Last Friday, February 2, my nine-year old son and I went to Punxsatawney, PA for Groundhog Day. I wouldn’t say making the trek to Gobbler’s Knob is a worthy trip if you have to get on a plane or drive 10 hours, but for us, the six hour drive was worth it. We arrived at “The Knob” as they say there, at about 6 a.m. and I must say it was pretty damn exicting as the build-up for Punxsatawney Phil’s appearance grew.


I taped my son doing a standup as a news reporter and he took it to school and it was played to all the other kids in 4th grade, which was cool.

After Phil’s appearance we hung out in town for the rest of the day and took in all the festivities. The cynic in me would normally proclaim the events as cheezy and lame, but there was something very endearing about this little slice of Americana. This is a big deal for the people of Punxsatawney, and a major highlight of their year, if not *the* highlight. It’s one of those things that might need to be a “Do it before you die” list, and we might even make it an anual event, at least until he’s too cool to make such a trip.


On to fantasy. I’ve been saving some keeper league questions we’ve received recently for use here. Here are some keeper questions and my answers:

Q: I have Larry Johnson and Frank Gore as my RBs in a keeper league.  I’m thinking about trading LJ for Steve Jackson.  What do you think about this move? I don’t like LJ’s schedule (SD and DEN twice a year).  I think his line is old (Will Shields is about to retire), and I don’t like his QB Trent Green.  I’m concerned Herm Edwards will run LJ into the ground. 

That’s probably a good move. It does not appear Jackson has much downside, while Johnson does have some for reasons you outlined. Even in 2006, Jackson was just 4 points behind Johnson, and Jackson was 50 points better in a PPR league. Jackson’s also four year’s younger. Repeatedly, we have seen RBs have down years coming off seasons in which they handled a massive workload, and Johnson set the all-time carry record in 2006. Looks like a good trade for you.

Q: I have been offered a trade in a dynasty league of Julius Jones, Marion Barber and Darrell Jackson for Cadillac Williams and Chris Chambers. 1 PT rush/rec and 6PT TD. I would like to know what you think of the trade but mostly the status of Jackson. If Turner goes to Dallas I like the potential of the RBs and even if he does not I still like them. So it becomes between Jackson and Chambers. Has Jackson become too much of a injury risk or is it worth the gamble?

Two months ago I would have told you I thought the team would cut ties with Jackson in 2007, but he had a great year. On the other hand, he got hurt again down the stretch. Bottom line, this is a tough call, so my initial reaction would be to pass on the deal, since my #1 rule is to not make a trade unless it measurably improves my team. You’re also giving up considerable depth in a 2-for-3 deal. Had Williams shown me more in 2006 I’d say pull the trigger, but I’m officially concerned about his ability to be a productive starter.
Q: I have been offered (get) Tom Brady for Michael Turner (give). This is a dynasty league. Would you do this trade?

My QBs as of now are:Culpepper
A Smith
B Croyle
My RBs as of now areLT
M Turner
R Williams
P Holmes
S Davis
K Faulk

If I could start 3 RBs, I would be inclined to pass on this deal because I like Turner a lot and think he could be a terrific #3 back – plus I think Culpepper will bounce back in 2007, a year removed from his knee injury and with a full off-season under Cam Cameron. Also keep in mind it’s looking good for Favre to come back this year, so I’m not sure you really need Brady. If I could start only 2, then I would consider the move for Brady, who will give you great stability. With LT and Rudi, you should be okay with Deuce as your #3/backup. But overall I’m more inclined to pass on the deal and see where Turner goes.

Q: I’m in a 16-team keeper league with 12 off season keepers. I have depth at both WR and RB, but need to decide between Musa Smith and Mark Bradley. Any insight would be great!

It’s never easy dealing with RBs who have the potential to be difference-makers. I was very impressed with what I saw from Smith early last year so much so that I felt he had a legitimate chance to give the Ravens reason to let Jamal Lewis go and give Smith a chance to be their guy. However, he suffered through yet another injury-plagued season in 2006, and I think his chances to get a crack at the starting job suffered significantly. If you can hold off on this decision, I would because Lewis is set to be paid $6 million, which is way more than he’s worth, so it’s possible the Ravens let him go if he doesn’t agree to a new deal. That doesn’t mean Smith would be the guy, but that would help. If I had to make the call right now, I would probably go with Bradley unless I had a lot more at WR than RB. Bradley’s had injury issues himself, but if he’s healthy he’s a lock to have a big role for the Bears the next 1-3 years, and he has the talent to be a productive starter, maybe even a legit #1 NFL receiver (and a solid #3 fantasy guy).

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