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I’ve been working this week on my annual “Lessons Learned” article and I gotta say; I didn’t learn all that much in 2006.
Clipped from the article:

It wasn’t a particularly good year for the QBs, and it wasn’t a good year for the RBs. The WRs were a mix bag, as usual, and while it turned out to be a decent year for TEs, it was ugly early, and there were no real breakout stars. The kickers were basically a mess all season, and I dare you to find me a fantasy defense that put up good numbers on a weekly basis other than the Bear and Ravens. The Waiver Wire is always paramount when it comes to fantasy success, but 2006 wasn’t a great year for WW gems, either. Playing the matchups was harder than ever, due to the week-to-week nature of the league, and injuries were as prevalent as usual.

Basically, if you took LaDainian Tomlinson out of the fantasy player pool, it was anybody’s game

I think the good news about fantasy these days is everyone is at a loss in terms of what actually happens during an NFL season, me included. Yet, I always wind up in the thick of it in most of my leagues. I’ve had a couple of ugly teams over the years, but as those who follow my records in “Expert Leagues” know, I’m competitive about 90% of the time and dominant more than 50% of the time.

I think, at the end of the day, I do well because I have a good feel for fantasy football in general and my leagues and the people in them. I wish I could bottle that intangible quality and give it to subscribers, and also friends I try to help, but I can’t exactly do it. I’ve always been good at fantasy football, which is why I started this site, but I’m sure I’ve developed this intangible quality from working in this business for 12 years.

At the risk of coming off as an egotistical jerk, I’m going to place a higher emphasis and stress more my expert drafts and my analysis of them. Last year, I played in 10 leagues. Eight of them were of the expert variety and two of them were national high-stakes games (WCOFF and Rotobowl). Ironically, my worst showing was in my own league, Magazine Expert League (I finished 6th out of 12). That league didn’t have a playoff structure (we played all 17 weeks, and I was 3 games out of first). The other nine leagues had playoffs, and I made the playoffs in all nine, going to the finals in five of them. I finished just as strongly in 2005, and also in 2004, and 2003, etc.

It’s very difficult to hand out generic advice for the masses that can capture that intangible feel I seemingly have, so I think the best way to approach it is to simply show what I’m doing in my drafts.

I’m going to kick ass again in 2007, so you might want to keep up with all the draft results with analysis I post on the site. The first one’s only three months away.  

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