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The Super Bowl got off to something of a surreal start. It was raining hard in Miami, Billy Joel sounded like a wounded dog while singing the national anthem, and two minutes into the broadcast I forgot that commercials during the Super Bowl were supposed to be entertaining and funny.

But while the game wasn’t exactly a well-played one, and while it was sloppy at times, the best team won, and that’s all I want to see. I’m still not sure we saw it last year.

Had the Bears won, the score might have to have read something like this: Bears (and God) Beat Colts. The game couldn’t have started any better for Chicago, as you likely know, weather included, but they did very little to take advantage of that fact, leading me to believe the Colts would have beaten them by 25 had the game not been held during a hard and steady rain.  

The Bears were physically dominated by the Colt O-line and running game and the Indy defense played better then them, in sloppy conditions no less. This against a supposed finesse team. I was very happy to see Peyton Manning silence his critics, and I was also happy to see Rex Grossman not. Manning’s an all-time great player who didn’t deserve his criticism, while Grossman is a below-average player who deserved it, at least on this large stage.  

The Colts, Tony Dungy, and Manning answered every single possible question anyone could have, including not only could they win a big game, but could they beat a very good defense in nasty weather.

The Colts were the better team, they played better, and they deserved to win. The Bears also deserved to lose. No offense to Bear fans – they did have a great season and should be proud of that and their excellent coach – but thank God they actually did lose.

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