Browns need to take a QB

Not exactly a sexy topic here in Super Bowl week and only my second of this blog, but what the hell..

There’s a report out there that the Lions will NOT take a QB with the #2 pick of the draft, and that Mike Martz pretty much disclosed that fact this week, which could hurt thier leverage if they’re looking to move down in the draft. If that’s the case, then barring a trade down by Detroit, the Browns will have a chance to draft Brady Quinn (if Jemarcus Russell is not picked by Oakland it’s 100% the Browns draft him).  

I could care less about how Quinn finished his career at Notre Dame on a down note. Peyton Manning didn’t exactly come through in the clutch in college, either, and he’s one of the best of all time and will soon be a Super Bowl champion. The fact is, Quinn projects extremely well as an NFL QB and should have a very good career – maybe even a great one.

Yes, the Browns need help elsewhere, but if you have a great need at QB, which they do, and a potentially great one is available, you have to pull the trigger. I wasn’t saying this a few years ago about Joey Harrington or David Carr or Alex Smith; those guys were merely solid prospects drafted high. Quinn has a chance to be special. As an Ohio guy, I’m sure Quinn would relish the chance to turn this sad franchise around. In Cleveland he would have a solid #1 in Braylon Edwards, and a stud TE in Kellen Winslow. He wouldn’t need much else at receiver, so they could focus on their line in the draft and in free agency (Eric Steinbach’s a free agent). Keep in mind they would get C LeCharles Bentley back.

If the Browns don’t take a QB then it’ll be another year of Charlie Frye and his limited ability. Or, worse yet, Derek Anderson. It’ll be another year of frustration and little hope for the future. If they take Quinn (or Russell) it would be an immediate upgrade, and plenty of hope for the future.  

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  1. winit4mosi says:

    Just one more reason the Detroit faithful should storm Ford Field and string up Millen by his ankles. I originally thought that Quinn could tumble in the draft, but after watching the Senior Bowl and the “pretenders” at QB, I’ve reconsidered that position. If Millen doesn’t take Quinn this year, his legacy will be carved in stone, as the worst GM in NFL history. They’ve had far too many chances to make this right, and another gaffe could spell the end of his front office career.

    It looks like they (the Lions) will most likely take an OL in the first round. Joe Thomas is the sexy pick, but there is plenty of talent like Joe Staley, Justin Blaylock, big Levi Brown to name a few, that could be available with the second pick (34th) of the second round. Oi! You’d think I was a Lions fan, or something.

    Moving on to the Browns, Quinn would be a complete NO BRAINER. An NFL ready QB, coached under Weis, to a team coached by longtime coaching peer, Romeo Crennel. I think it’s possible, considering the Lion’s track, but who knows now that “Moonie” Martz has opened Pandora’s Box. Draft Day will be appointment TV, that’s for sure.

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