9/5 – 9/6 projections tweaks

The final cuts are in, but we will most likely continue to have some news trickling out in the NFL over the next 1-2 days regarding roster spots, traded, etc. We’re not going to do our final update on our PDFs and Excel files until Sunday evening at the earliest, but I will but updating the projections on the site all weekend.

If you have a draft and are looking for the most current cheat sheet, you can print out a customized one on 1 page using the Custom Cheat Sheet Tool (there are a lot of other options as well). Note: We have not yet updated IDP projections based on final cuts.

I’ll check back here and add anything if anything needs to be added over the weekend, but if you want to use one of our file or apps, here are some notes on the changes I’ve made after the final cuts.


Dropped Tom Brady a couple of spots from the position he was raised to on Friday. With Brandon LaFell on PUP for the first six weeks, Brady literally has nothing on the outside for at least their first five games (they have an early bye). That’s a problem for […]

The latest projections

Every year on this very day I am faced with the dilemma of having rankings that, despite being less than 2 days old, feel a little stale because of all the action in the critical third preseason game.

The problem is it takes forever to update projections, comments, create the PDFs, create the excel files, and update all the apps.

It cannot be done over the weekend, HOWEVER, I have taken the time to update the projections. If you have a draft from now (8/30) until we do a complete update on Monday, you have some options for fresh projections. They are:

Use the custom cheat sheet. You can create now a solid customized cheat sheet that will print out on one page that has the very latest rankings and projections. You can take a look, too, at the top-200 the tool generates, but the problem with that is it goes only by points. That’s why the QBs are all at the top and that’s why we do the PPR and non-PPR top-200 PDFs manually. You can also print out projections by position if you’re interested in that.

Check out Draft Analyzer software. The fine folks here have already updated their software with our […]

8/17 USA Today mock draft

I did an expert mock draft for USA Today and their special fantasy preview publication that will hit newsstands next week. I admittedly didn’t focus on the just the draft (I was working on several things at the time) and I simply queued up a bunch of players I liked. It wasn’t efficient at all, and I only like the squad (not love), but for what it’s worth the Fantasy Pros software rated my squad #1 out of 12 in this PPR draft (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 PK, 1 DT). Drafting out of the #3 hole, here’s how it went:

Antonio Brown
Justin Forsett
Brandin Cooks
Travis Kelce
Jonathan Stewart
Drew Brees
Joique Bell
Bishop Sankey
Eddie Royal
Jason Witten
Marques Colston
Buffalo Bills
DeVante Parker
Matt Jones
Steven Hauschka
Albert Wilson

I wound up taking a few players I normally wouldn’t take (like Sankey), but the best takeaway here is simply that using an early pick on Travis Kelce (or another TE) can hurt your chances of forming a truly great team. I wound up getting Jason Witten as my TE2, but ideally he’s my TE1 and I use that 4th round pick on a RB with Jarvis Landry as my WR3 in the 5th.

12-team PPR IDP Mock Draft results

I have been buried since the NFL draft doing our post-draft work, 2015 projections, and more, so I didn’t get a chance to post a draft I participated in for most of May (slow draft). It’s for Athlon Sports’ fantasy magazine, so I can’t publish the entire draft. But here’s my team. This league stars 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 Flex, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 DT, 1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB, and 1 IDP flex. I liked this team a lot. This is PPR scoring.


2014 YTD PTS

Bradford, Sam PHI QB (Q)


Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB

Ellington, Andre ARI RB

Forsett, Justin BAL RB

Herron, Dan IND RB

Johnson, Duke CLE RB


Sproles, Darren PHI RB

Agholor, Nelson PHI WR


Boldin, Anquan SFO WR

Bowe, Dwayne CLE WR (P)

Brown, Antonio PIT WR

Cobb, Randall GBP WR

Kelce, Travis KCC TE

Thomas, Julius JAC TE

Vinatieri, Adam IND PK

Wake, Cameron MIA DE

Kuechly, Luke CAR LB

Weddle, Eric SDC S

Woodson, Charles OAK S

Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def



First draft of the 2015 season

Although it is disgustingly early for a 2015 fantasy football draft for most, we are closing in on the time of the year when a draft is at least viable. Free agency is basically over, so all we have to wait for now is the draft. I’ve also been intrigued with what our friends at myfantasyleague.com have been doing with their MFL10s. It’s a great idea for the hardcore fantasy fans who love to draft, and drafting now is an interesting exercise because we have no idea where this year’s rookies will be playing. That can be a huge advantage, but also a disadvantage if your drafted rookie players end up in situations that are not conducive for fantasy production.

I haven’t been in many “best ball” leagues that require you to only draft your team, but I did participate in one last year, when I was invited to draft in a “Pros vs. Joe’s” league, which was a mixture of experts and what I would think were knowledgeable players who aspire to be an expert (or at least beat them). I did win that league, thanks to late, late picks of Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry. At the time of […]

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