Greg Cosell


Greg Cosell

During the season, Greg publishes his raw notes that he compiles while analyzing NFL coach’s tape at NFL Films. In a typical week, Greg breaks down 10-12 matchups.

In 1984, Greg, along with NFL Films President Steve Sabol, created the “Matchup” concept. The resulting show was called “Monday Night Matchup,” and it began as a breakdown of each week’s Monday night game. For the first three years of its existence, the show was hosted by ESPN’s Chris Berman.

Over the years, the show transitioned from a singular breakdown of the Monday night game to a detailed analysis of the 6-7 top games played each Sunday in the NFL. It is the most respected football show in the industry, a direct consequence of the process by which the show is produced. Greg and the show’s talent, Ron Jaworski and Merril Hoge, study and evaluate what is called “coaching tape.” It shows all 22 players on the field on every play; it is the same tape used by coaches and players in the NFL to game plan each and every week. It’s the only football show on television that goes through this process. Therefore, Greg is uniquely equipped to analyze, examine, and explore the NFL game.

Greg’s knowledge of the entire league is as comprehensive and complete as that of any pro football analyst in the business.