Weekly MATTchups: Week Nine

More than a few intriguing games on the Week Nine slate and it should make for an interesting week in the world of fantasy football. I am back to help you navigate through the murky fantasy landscape with my thoughts on all 14 games.

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

The Bills aren’t going away, but I have a feeling they’ll be in trouble this week. With Stevie Johnson as the lone receiver the Jets have to worry about, look for Darrelle Revis to be on him with the team focused on stopping, or at least containing Fred Jackson. If the Jets can continue to get pressure, they can force Ryan Fitzpatrick to make mistakes, especially if Johnson is stuck on Revis Island. The Jets have talked about getting Joe McKnight involved more all season long, and with an offense that lacks firepower, it might not be a bad idea, although I wouldn’t expect that to happen right away just because they had a bye week to think about it. The Jets appear to be getting back to the plan that’s helped them win a lot of games over the last two years, and that’s relying on their ground game to [...]

Weekly MATTchups: Week Eight

Amazingly, we are already more than halfway done the fantasy regular season in most leagues. Hopefully, you have reshuffled your personal depth charts if necessary and are adjusting expectations accordingly. Here are my thoughts on Week Eight…

Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens

Last week I said trusting Joe Flacco was a “risky proposition” yet still thought he’d do well because of what appeared to be a great matchup. The Jaguars came to play and Flacco was predictably terrible. He’s in a similar situation this week, but the Cardinals have absolutely nothing to hang your hat on when it comes to their defense. The Raven offense should be able to go nuts in this game, but that’s assuming Flacco hits Torrey Smith on the shots that should be available downfield, and we know that’s no guarantee. The one player I’m not worried about is Ray Rice, who didn’t see enough touches in a close game last week because OC Cam Cameron once again tried to make things too complicated instead of handing his best player the ball. You’ll notice I spent much of this game on the Raven side of the ball because the Cardinals do absolutely nothing for me. Larry Fitzgerald [...]

Weekly MATTchups: Week Seven

Quarterback changes and player movement dominated the headlines this week and should make for a very interesting set of games. Without further ado, let us take a loot at the thirteen matchups.

Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers

The fans we actually chanting “We Want Beck” last week, and that sums up Rex Grossman’s career in a nutshell. Don’t expect the Redskin offense to change very much with John Beck under center, although it would be nice to know that Ryan Torain was starting AND getting a decent amount of carries. However, when it comes to the Shanahans, you need to reevaluate the RB situation on a weekly basis. I’m fully expecting the Panthers to target DeAngelo Hall, so expect Steve Smith to be on the end of a few deep balls in this one.

Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns

I never understood why the Browns were seriously contemplating giving Peyton Hillis a nice contract extension when they have his replacement in Montario Hardesty, especially with Hillis’ physical running style. It hasn’t mattered who has been in the Brown backfield since they continue to struggle on the ground. Greg Little appears to be approaching the level of safe #3 WR and he nearly scored [...]

Weekly MATTchups: Week Six

Injuries and six teams being off never make things easy, but hopefully I can help you navigate your way through all thirteen of the Week Six games.

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons

If Cam Newton can do what he did last week, I’ll have no worries about him the rest of the way. He doesn’t need to throw for a lot of yards as long as he continues to be active near the goal line, and that appears to be exactly what will happen. If you own DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart, they are probably good flex plays this week, but since they are splitting touches and will probably need a longer TD to score, you have to readjust any expectations going forward. Matt Ryan continues to hold back this offense and while they should still do well this week, they won’t reach their full potential or at least achieve what they want with him throwing ducks downfield. Michael Turner should be a nice play in this game only because he’ll get enough volume to produce, but if they fall behind, he’s never going to produce like a #2 RB.

Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals

Cedric Benson still doesn’t seem that happy with [...]

Mason Traded to Texans

Going forward, we will try to address any news of note with fantasy analysis in a quick blog entry like this one.

The Jets traded WR Derrick Mason to the Texans in exchange for a conditional 7th-round conditional draft pick. Mason had been a bust in his short time with the Jets, catching just 13/115 on 21 targets in five games, which was good for a measly 2.3 FPG (111th at the WR position). Mason was apparently unhappy with his role and that came to head in Week Five, when he played just five snaps in the loss to the Patriots. Although he’s 37, Mason can still be a reliable chain-mover for the Texans, especially since Jacoby Jones hasn’t developed into the player they’d hoped (1/11 against the Raiders in Week Five). Houston realizes they have a good chance to make some noise in the AFC this year, so bringing in a veteran like Mason was probably a cheap, safe move to give them some stability at the WR position until Andre Johnson returns from his hamstring injury. Jones and Kevin Walter will remain the starters for now, but look for Mason, who has good hands and is known for his [...]

Weekly MATTchups: Week Five

We enter the first week of byes with six teams off, which certainly makes lineup decisions tougher. It is time to take a look at the 13 games in Week Five.

Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills

I’m sure not many people expected this game to mean much before the season started, and even less expected the Bills to be at 3-1 and the Eagles to be sitting at 1-3. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the Eagle offense, as the Bills don’t pose much of a threat with their defense, even with CB Terrence McGee returning. The big issue for the Eagles is how their defense will handle this Buffalo offense. For whatever reason, Philly tried to use Nnamdi Asomugha in a variety of different ways, and it’s failed miserably. They need to let him get back to just being one of the best cover corners in the league. If they do, Stevie Johnson could be in trouble. Luckily for the Bills they have other weapons, like Fred Jackson, who should have a very good game against an Eagle defense that continues to look awful in their attempts to stop the run.

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

Apparently, Cam [...]

Weekly MATTchups: Week Four

The injury bug seem to be affecting more players than usual this early in the season, and has caused quite a few headaches for fantasy owners. Let us hope it is a little less ugly out there in Week Four.

Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears

The Bears are throwing the ball a ton, yet it’s not worth starting any of their WRs. It’s Matt Forte or bust in Chicago, and even Jay Cutler knows nothing is going to change. The way he’s getting hit, I’m officially worried about him becoming shell-shocked to the point that he turns into Marc Bulger in his final years in St. Louis. Bulger didn’t want to play football by the time he was done in St. Louis and why would Cutler want to keep going when it’s probably not going to get any better. Thanks for ruining a great talent, Mike Martz. The Carolina backfield continues to be a total conundrum and probably won’t be any easier to figure out after playing this tough Bear run defense. Let’s throw out Cam Newton’s performance in the monsoon last week. Can he get it done against this defense? I have my doubts, but it will be an interesting [...]

Weekly MATTchups: Week Three

Week Three is upon us in the National Football League, and unfortunately, so are a ton of injuries. I will not pretend to know why these have all popped up quickly, even if it is easy to blame the lockout and lack of formal workouts. What I do know is we have sixteen games to look at, so let’s get to it.

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

Just as you would have expected coming into the season, these undefeated teams will battle for the top spot in the AFC East! Ok, maybe this is a little surprising. Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo offense have been very entertaining to watch, and things may only get better with RB C.J. Spiller expected to see time at receiver. My guy, Fred Jackson has proven once again to be one of the most reliable players in the league and it’s better suited to carry the load than Spiller is, but Spiller dynamic ability needs to be used and the Bills need all the firepower they can get going up against the Patriots. Tom Brady continues to dominate, but will be without what could be his most dangerous weapon in TE Aaron Hernandez. That could open [...]

The Weekly MATTchups: Week One

With the lockout in our rearview mirror, we are just one day away from a full slate of real NFL action. Just like last season, I will share my general thoughts on each game on either Friday or Saturday. Here we go…

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

This might be a fun rivalry to watch, but it’s typically ugly for fantasy purposes. I wouldn’t be too excited about playing Ray Rice or Rashard Mendenhall in this one after they combined for 176/2 on 61 carries in the two meetings between the teams last year. It’ll be tough to sit either guy, but if you do play them, make sure to lower expectations. Joe Flacco might have a rough go of it playing behind a rebuilt OL that sees Bryant McKinnie taking over at LT and C Matt Birk coming back from a knee injury. As I’ve been warning everyone this week, expectations need to be managed if you have anyone playing in this game since these tend to turn into slugfests.

Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears

Roy Williams should not be a starting WR over Johnny Knox. Everyone seems to know that except the Bears, but Mike Martz is apparently an offensive genius and [...]

2011 Predictions

Each week we will bring you the weekly game picks from our staff. However, our group of senior writers decided to take things a step further making predictions for the season. Here is what they came up with:

Matt Camp


East: Patriots (13-3)

West: Chargers (13-3)

North: Steelers (11-5)

South: Texans (12-4)

Wildcards: Jets (12-4), Ravens (11-5)

Championship Game: Chargers over Patriots


East: Eagles (10-6)

West: Rams (11-5)

North: Packers (13-3)

South: Saints (11-5)

Wildcards: Lions (10-6), Falcons (10-6)

Championship Game: Packers over Eagles

Super Bowl: Packers over Chargers

MVP: Philip Rivers

Matt Brown


East: Patriots (13-3)

West: Chargers (12-4)

North: Steelers (11-5)

South: Texans (12-4)

Wildcards: Ravens (10-6), Jets (9-7)

Championship Game: Texans over Patriots


East: Eagles (12-4)

West: Rams (9-7)

North: Packers (13-3)

South: Saints (12-4)

Wildcards: Falcons (11-5), Lions (9-7)

Championship Game: Eagles over Packers

Super Bowl: Eagles over Texans

MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Joe Dolan


East: Patriots (13-3)

West: Chargers (13-3)

North: Steelers (12-4)

South: Texans (10-6)

Wildcards: Ravens (12-4), Jets (10-6)

Championship Game: Chargers over Patriots


East: Eagles (13-3)

West: Rams (10-6)

North Packers (12-4)

South: Saints (12-4)

Wildcards: Falcons (11-5), Lions (10-6)

Championship Game: Eagles over Saints

Super Bowl: Eagles over Chargers

MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Note: Matt Camp’s Weekly MATTchups will be posted on Saturday, but every Friday after that.

About Matthew Camp

Matthew Camp

Camp has been a fantasy football player since 1997, when he remembers using the box scores from the New York Daily News.

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Joe Dolan

Joe is a son of the video-game age - his extensive knowledge of NFL rosters dates back to the early 1990s.

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