Player Notes: Olsen, Allen, Little, B Brown

We spent some time watching 2012 game tape on some of the more intriguing fantasy players for the upcoming season. The players we chose to watch weren’t necessarily marquee fantasy players in 2012, but they could be key players this upcoming season. We tried to pinpoint some of the strengths and weaknesses of each player by watching a couple games. We decided to publish a series of blogs detailing what we saw with our raw notes.

These are raw notes, so forgive grammatical errors or the occasional poor language. Nor were they intended to be comprehensive or definitive takes. We simply thought it’d be another way to gain some extra insight into some of the more intriguing 2013 fantasy players. We watched 36 players total, so we’ll post notes on 4 players a day over a nine-day period. Here are the players we watched and when our notes will be posted:

July 30: Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden, David Wilson, Lamar Miller

July 31: Chris Ivory, Daryl Richardson, Cecil Sorts, Dennis Pitta

Aug. 1: Shane Vereen, Danario Alexander, Josh Gordon, T.Y. Hilton

Aug. 2: Chris Givens, Kendall Wright, Michael Floyd, Bernard Pierce

Aug. 5: Pierre Garcon, Antonio Brown, Torrey Smith, Vernon Davis

Aug. 6: Greg Olsen, Dwayne Allen, Greg Little, Bryce Brown

Aug. 7: Ronnie Hillman, Joique Bell, Robert Turbin, DuJuan Harris

Aug. 8: Justin Blackmon, Rod Streater, Alshon Jeffery, Brandon LaFell

Aug. 9: Mohamed Sanu, Jared Cook, Antonio Gates, Rob Housler


Greg Olsen

Week 4 @ Atl (6/89/1) 20.9 FPG

-lined up outside on first play of game, catches 3-yard hitch pattern.

-lined up in the slot, catches a pass in the flat against soft zone coverage in red zone, spins through one tackle and carries another defender into the end zone for 17-yard TD.

-runs wide open on out pattern from in-line before a CB recognizes him, easy 11 yards.

-no-huddle offense, lined up in slot, settles down in middle of field between two defenders in zone coverage for 6 yards and first down.

-lined up out wide, fakes a comeback pattern and continues upfield, gets three steps on CB for 34-yard gain.


Week 10 vs. Den (9/102/2) 31.2 FPG

-Broncos lose Olsen on corner route on blown coverage, makes catch and turns it upfield for 26 yards. Couldn’t makes S miss for a potentially longer gain.

-another corner route later in drive, once again poor coverage, makes easy catch along sideline and pushed out of bounds for 16 yards.

-blown up into backfield on playaction play but eventually releases uncovered into his route on the backside for uncontested 5-yard TD.

-lined up in backfield as an extra blocker, chips on DE and releases into flat as last option, Newton dumps it to him for 8 yards.

-goes down low to catch a shaky pass from Newton to pick up 13 yards.

-rips through tight coverage against LB to get outside release before cutting back inside for an 18-yard gain on post pattern.

-good field presence down at the 5-yard line, catches a pass and stretches out with right arm to cross the goal line as he’s being taken down.


Dwayne Allen

Week 9 vs. Mia (6/75/0) 13.5 FPG

-lined up in slot in 5-wide set facing 3rd-and-12, gets LB on him in man coverage and dig route, Luck escapes to the left and finds Allen who kept running well across the field, gets upfield for 22 yards.

-stays on feet but goes low to catch a pass, still turns up sideline to get 12 yards off of a flat route.

-last option on pass near their end zone, Luck dumps it to him behind line of scrimmage, keeps legs churning and keeps fighting and it takes three defenders to eventually bring him down.

-great individual play on 3rd-and-11, last option out in the flat, Luck checks it down and makes CB miss tackle in open field to pick up 20 yards.

-quick slant over the middle, catches it and gets up field quickly for 20 yards.


-OLB Cameron Wake blows past him on an outside pass rush and sacks and strips Luck, but at least Allen busted his tail to recover the fumble on a bouncing ball.

-kind of slowed just a half step, on drag route, Luck threw it a bit too far and nearly intercepted.


Week 11 @ NE (6/69/0) 12.9 FPG

-settles down in middle of the field against an extremely soft zone defense near the end of the half for 16 yards.

-looks quick on a crossing pattern, leaves his feet to make the catch and turns it upfield, takes three defenders to eventually take him down, kept both arms on the ball as S tried to strip it.

-dumped the ball to him in the flat, makes a CB miss and picks up some YAC on 13-yard gain.


-ball thrown slightly behind him, but he probably should’ve settled in deep middle of the field against zone, which is why throw may have been behind him.

-dropped a tough pass that may have been slightly deflected but still should have made the catch on deep crosser.

-looks really tentative on a dig route, and Luck tries to force it into him.


Greg Little

Week 7 @ Ind (6/52/1) 17.2 FPG

-gets what he can out of a WR screen, follows his pulling left tackle to pick up 7 yards.

-makes an acrobatic catch in end zone on a post play, gets the ball at its highest point, juggles it and catches it on second try for 14-yard TD.

-shields defender away on quick slant and goes low to bring a 6-yard pass.

-makes a tough catch over the middle with LB draped all over him for an 8-yard gain.

-CB has one arm on Little’s waist and another arm coming over the top, but he makes another tough catch for 12 yards.


Week 15 vs. Was (5/74/0) 12.4 FPG

-gets across the field quickly on a crossing pattern, Weeden hits him in stride, gets upfield for an extra 10 yards for 30-yard gain.

-gets CB to run almost immediately off the line of scrimmage, breaks off a slant route and has lots of room for 20-yard gain.

-leaves the ground a bit to make a catch on a dig route for 12-yard gain.


-makes catch on curl route but gives up ground try make a bigger play, limited to 7 yards.

-can’t hold on to a catchable ball along the sideline on 4th-and-8 play. Kept the play open and got open on the sideline but couldn’t hold on to low pass that he had to go to his knees on.


Bryce Brown

Week 12 vs. Car (19/178/2, 4/11/0) 34.9 FPG

-shows some great vision and quick hips to snake through holes and explode to the second level for a 19-yard gain.

-takes direct snap and outruns entire defense to the sideline and then shakes a S that overpursues as Brown jumps back inside for 19-yard gain.

-hits hole quickly on run off of right end, so much speed that S takes the wrong angle,runs away from defense for 65-yard TD, shakes a couple attempts to trip him up heading into the end zone.

-looks to be totally contained on RB delay but somehow gets to the outside and picks up 11 yards when it could’ve been a loss.

-shows some fight on a run off of right end, keeps legs driving for 6-yard gain.

-outruns defense on another play off of right end for an easy 5-yard TD run.

-takes a run off left tackle, makes a cut and goes all the way across the field after D had overpursued for a 24-yard gain.

-looks to be moving at a higher gear than everyone else on the field.


-holds the ball pretty loose on run up the gut, one arm on the ball in traffic, so not shocking about his later ball security issues.

-once again holding the ball away from his body on run to the outside, LB hits him and is not even trying to strip ball and it pops out.

-he fumbles once again, this time the DE ripping at the ball as defense sensing they can force some fumbles on Brown.


Week 13 @ Dal (24/169/2, 4/14/0) 32.9 FPG

-hits the hole quickly off of LG, skips out of a leg tackle by the LB and hurdles out of another leg tackle by the S for a 24-yard gain.

-breezes into the end zone on a counter play off the left end, no one can lay a hand on him for 10-yard TD.

-another counter play out of the shotgun, gets the right edge and blows through leg tackle from a S that took the wrong angle, gets upfield quickly for 39 yards. A lot of defenders seem to be taking wrong angles attacking Brown because of his deceptive speed.

-shotgun give up the middle and easily scoots in for a 5-yard TD. Defense looked deceived as they were anticipating another run off the edges.

-sidesteps DeMarcus Ware in backfield, who got into backfield nearly untouched, clearly has corner with Ware out of play but gets quickly upfield for 20-yard gain.

-doesn’t get many inside runs but hits the holes quickly when given the chance, defense clearly wary off all the outside runs on 17-yard gain.


-tries to stretch a run off of right end instead of taking it inside, losses 2 yards on the play.

-once again tries to stretch it to the outside instead of taking it inside, lost 6 yards.

-drops a pass on a dump pass from Foles out of backfield, looked like he was trying to punch the ball as he tried to catch it.

-still holding the ball out way too far from his body all game long, burns him once again on an inside run off of LT and recovered by Cowboys.


-Tom Brolley

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