Player Notes: Givens, Wright, Floyd, Pierce

We spent some time watching 2012 game tape on some of the more intriguing fantasy players for the upcoming season. The players we chose to watch weren’t necessarily marquee fantasy players in 2012, but they could be key players this upcoming season. We tried to pinpoint some of the strengths and weaknesses of each player by watching a couple games. We decided to publish a series of blogs detailing what we saw with our raw notes.

These are raw notes, so forgive grammatical errors or the occasional poor language. Nor were they intended to be comprehensive or definitive takes. We simply thought it’d be another way to gain some extra insight into some of the more intriguing 2013 fantasy players. We watched 36 players total, so we’ll post notes on 4 players a day over a nine-day period. Here are the players we watched and when our notes will be posted:

July 30: Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden, David Wilson, Lamar Miller

July 31: Chris Ivory, Daryl Richardson, Cecil Sorts, Dennis Pitta

Aug. 1: Shane Vereen, Danario Alexander, Josh Gordon, T.Y. Hilton

Aug. 2: Chris Givens, Kendall Wright, Michael Floyd, Bernard Pierce

Aug. 5: Pierre Garcon, Antonio Brown, Torrey Smith, Vernon Davis

Aug. 6: Greg Olsen, Dwayne Allen, Greg Little, Bryce Brown

Aug. 7: Ronnie Hillman, Joique Bell, Robert Turbin, DuJuan Harris

Aug. 8: Justin Blackmon, Rod Streater, Alshon Jeffery, Brandon LaFell

Aug. 9: Mohamed Sanu, Jared Cook, Antonio Gates, Rob Housler


Chris Givens

Week 12 @ Ari (5/115/1) 22.5 FPG

-makes quick juke to inside on WR screen to make defender then uses his speed to get up the field and back to the sideline for 25-yard gain. Didn’t get the ball to his outside arm running up the sideline, a small concern.

-uses his speed to outrun defense on drag pattern off of playaction to pick up 13 yards.

-made CB turn his hips and start running like it was vertical route and broke it off on a deep curl pattern for 18 yards.

-runs past CB on an outside release and makes a diving catch with a hand in his face in the end zone for a 37-yard TD. High-degree of difficulty.

-subtle double-move on post-corner route, easily gets open near sideline for 22-yard gain.


-couldn’t outrun a DE to the corner on an end-around, taken down for just a yard gain.


Week 13 vs. SF (11/92/0) 20.2 FPG

-goes in motion and recognizes soft zone coverage, settles down on little hitch route for a 6-yard gain.

-goes down for bad pass and scoops it up off the turf on quick slant for a 7 yard pickup.

-working mostly underneath in this game with Amendola out, usually used as primarily a deep threat.

-having trouble gaining much separation on quick slants but making catches in tight coverage.

-initially covered on a WR screen pass but moves more inside to get open and turns a potential dangerous play into an 11-yard gain.

-shows good balance and awareness to get both feet down and catch a high pass near sideline. Also found an area to get open with Bradford buying time.

-makes adjustment on quick slant on poorly thrown pass to his back hip for 6-yard gain.


Kendall Wright

Week 5 @ Min (9/66/0) 15.6 FPG

-ran a curl pattern and covered, Hasselbeck buying time and Wright came back to his QB for short 4-yard catch.

-makes awkward catch on poor throw to his back shoulder on square-in pattern for 9-yard pickup.

-goes down for a diving catch on low pass on quick slant for 10-yard gain.

-catches low pass on WR screen but keeps composure and gets inside behind his blockers for 10 yards.

-really working the underneath areas, his quick feet helping him to get open on quick slants.


Week 13 vs. Hou (6/78/0) 13.8 FPG

-maximizes YAC on WR screen by quickly getting up the field and to the sideline with 13-yard gain.

-actually let him run deep down the right side and shifty little fake inside then back outside help him catch a 38-yard vertical pass from Locker. Has worked almost exclusively underneath in two film studies with both Hasselbeck and Locker.

-makes difficult catch on dig pattern with CB draped all over him for 7 yards.

-shows some ability to get up the field after making catches, which he needs to do since he runs almost all of his routes 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.


-another WR screen but got too cute with it, had some open field in front of him but went for the home run play and tried to stretch across the field and picked up only 6 yards.


Michael Floyd

Week 9 @ GB (5/80/0) 13.0 FPG

-finds a soft spot in the short middle of the field against zone and gets up field quickly and rips throw a couple arm tackles for 17 yards.

-gets up sideline and finds a spot between CB and S in zone coverage and is wide open, ball well underthrown by Skelton and doesn’t give him a chance.

-CB taking away slant from Floyd, so he breaks off route and goes outside and Skelton on same page for 8-yard gain.

-couldn’t get much separation from CB on vertical throw down right sideline but makes acrobatic, leaping catch on a throw to his opposite shoulder to make up for his lack of separation.


Week 17 @ SF (8/166/1) 30.6 FPG

-makes catch between two defenders and takes a good pop on curl route for 7-yard gain.

-fakes an outside release to get back inside off of line of scrimmage to catch slant for 15 yards.

-double move against soft man coverage, couldn’t get any kind of separation but adjusts well to a underthrown ball to catch 34-yard pass down the sideline.

-subtle double move lets him get vertical, shakes one defender down field and carries another defender 15 extra yards for a 53-yard gain.

-comes down with essentially a Hail Mary pass in the right corner of the end zone, uses frame to shield off defender.


-makes a catch and looks to get up field but gets a little reckless with the ball and LB comes from behind and rips the ball out of his left arm for a fumble.


Bernard Pierce

Week 14 vs. NYG (14/123/0) 12.3 FPG

-burrows through hole up the middle for 5 yards after lane off RT is closed off.

-deceptive speed on run off right end, catching LB off guard with wrong pursuit angle, breaks through a arm tackle and turns up sideline for 10 yards.

-lowered the pads and delivered a hit on LB on run up the middle for 5 yards, while keeping both hands on the ball.

-stays patient on run initially off of LG, finally sees something off RG and picks up 5 yards.

-set up draw run perfectly, hits the hole with a full head of steam, quickly gets to the second level and makes one cut to leave S in dust, hits the sideline and battles with a CB before being knocked out at the 1-yard line for a 78-yard gain.


-ran sideways on at least three runs instead of getting north-south, leaving some yardage on the field and costing them -7 yards on one particular run.


Week 17 @ Cin (22/89/0, 1/4/0) 10.3 FPG

-zone stretch play to the left side, puts foot into ground and cuts upfield to pick 5 yards.

-makes two quick cuts near line of scrimmage on shotgun run up the gut, which gets him to second level for a 14-yard gain.

-sharp cut inside to outside helps him break a tackle and pick up 9 yards.

-another shotgun run up the gut, hits the hole quickly to gain 9 yards.

- jukes out of his original hole and a tackler in the backfield on a run off LG


-a little too tentative on a counter play off of LT, couldn’t decide where to run, resulting in just a yard.

-designed stretch play to left side but cuts it back to right side for minimal gain, looked like holes would’ve developed had he followed the original design of the stretch play.

-dropped an easy swing pass to him in the right flat as the last option, wouldn’t have done much with it but still needs to be caught.


-Tom Brolley

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