Player Notes: Ponder, Weeden, Wilson, Miller

We spent some time watching 2012 game tape on some of the more intriguing fantasy players for the upcoming season. The players we chose to watch weren’t necessarily marquee fantasy players in 2012, but they could be key players this upcoming season. We tried to pinpoint some of the strengths and weaknesses of each player by watching a couple games. We decided to publish a series of blogs detailing what we saw with our raw notes.

These are raw notes, so forgive grammatical errors or the occasional poor language. Nor were they intended to be comprehensive or definitive takes. We simply thought it’d be another way to gain some extra insight into some of the more intriguing 2013 fantasy players. We watched 36 players total, so we’ll post notes on 4 players a day over the next two weeks. Here are the players we watched and when our notes will be posted:

July 30: Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden, David Wilson, Lamar Miller

July 31: Chris Ivory, Daryl Richardson, Cecil Sorts, Dennis Pitta

Aug. 1: Shane Vereen, Danario Alexander, Josh Gordon, T.Y. Hilton

Aug. 2: Chris Givens, Kendall Wright, Michael Floyd, Bernard Pierce

Aug. 5: Pierre Garcon, Antonio Brown, Torrey Smith, Vernon Davis

Aug. 6: Greg Olsen, Dwayne Allen, Greg Little, Bryce Brown

Aug. 7: Ronnie Hillman, Joique Bell, Robert Turbin, DuJuan Harris

Aug. 8: Justin Blackmon, Rod Streater, Alshon Jeffery, Brandon LaFell

Aug. 9: Mohamed Sanu, Jared Cook, Antonio Gates, Rob Housler


Christian Ponder

Week 3 vs SF, W 24-13 (21/35, 198 yards, 2 TDs, 7/31 rushing, 1 TD, 27.2 FP)

-fairly accurate when he makes a point to set his feet

-sells the PA well, throwing it well on the move

-clearly better in short, quick passing game

-got in an early rhythm, but never threw more than 15 yards

-for the most part, goes through reads before he looks to take off, but does rush somewhat

-definitely athletic enough to do some damage with his legs (quicker than Rodgers)

-runs aren’t called for him, but quick enough to make things happen if needed

-quick and decisive with decision-making


-does miss some short throws he should easily make

-attempts to throw it downfield have some touch, but not a lot of power

-downfield throws clearly not a strength

-offense not as crisp when he’s getting out of short/intermediate comfort zone

-threw across body back into middle of field, dangerous

-will throw off back foot under pressure into traffic instead of taking sack or throwing away


Week 4 @ Det, W 20-13 (16/26, 111 yards, 0 TD, 1/5 rushing, 6.1 FP)

-does a good job in PA with rollout, seems like they know that’s the way to go

-decent job of avoiding sacks

-smart enough to get outside/out-of-bounds when he runs


-tendency to lock onto one read and telegraph pass

-forces unnecessary throws, decision-making was a problem in this game

-no downfield passing game whatsoever, receivers (Harvin) need to get the YAC for big yards

-trying to fit into windows that aren’t there and arm isn’t strong enough to do so

-terrible in two-minute drill

-missed too many short passes


Week 9 @ Sea, L 30-20 (11/22, 63 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT, 5/23 rushing, 5.5 FP)

-rolls out a lot, but accurate when feet are set

-leaving easy passes short of receivers, missed easy screen passes

-floats downfield passes, not much on them, easy to run under and pick off

-dangerous throws into traffic with very little on them

-Captain Checkdown

-accuracy/confidence clearly affected by pressure

-held onto ball too long

-decision-making was bad and he was clearly rattled entire game


Week 17 vs. GB, W 37-34 (16/28, 234 yards, 3 TDs, 2/16 rushing, 25.3 FP)

-passes had a little more zip on the run, did make an effort to set feet

-patience better

-still a short passing game, but works for him, works short/intermediate well

-when flushed, he can eat up yards with his legs

-has full confidence rolling out on PA and throwing

-doing a better job throwing away from defenders in one-on-one coverage

-great deep ball off PA (no pressure at all) in one-on-one coverage


-footwork not great at times, gets happy feet

-pocket awareness can be an issue

-deep ball is just ok, but improvement from start of season, clearly not a strength

-decision-making is questionable under pressure


Brandon Weeden

Week 2 @ Cin L 34-27 (26/37, 322 yards, 2 TDs, 24.7 FP)

-seems to make throws with ease, clearly has arm strength

-hangs in the pocket, will look down the gun barrel

-willing to throw into tight windows

-decent touch underneath

-very controlled, comfortable in the pocket

-comfortable throwing on the run, good patience

-passes have zip when he wants them to

-demonstrated ability to throw everywhere on the field

-smart when it comes to getting rid of the ball/not take a sack

-great rhythm almost all game, made everybody around him better


-not worried about throwing downfield, but almost to a fault

-legs not an asset

-not helped by drops (Little)


Week 7 @ Ind L 17-13 (25/41, 264 yards, 2 TDs, 22.5 FP)

-stares down the gun barrel

-keeps focus downfield

-nice tough when needed

-throws it where only his receivers can catch it

-sticks it in tight windows

-rarely missed open receivers in short/intermediate areas

-made every throw

-looks smooth rolling out from PA

-only one deep ball underthrown


-not fast, will only run if he absolutely has to

-decision-making was shaky, locked onto receivers at times

-should have had a long TD on a beautiful ball, but dropped


David Wilson

Week 14 vs. Cin (13/100/2) 22.0 FPG

-quick cutback to the inside on toss play, kept feet churning for extra yard or two.

-superior speed helped him burn linebacker on wheel route out of backfield for big gain. Good concentration to catch deep sideline pass. Play waved off because off WR PI.

-impressive run off LT. Followed pulling RG through hole and drug two defenders into the end zone on 6-yard TD.

-quickly hit the hole on run up the middle, got to second-level in no time, kept balance on ankle tackle, and carried safety for extra yards on 21-yard gain.

-chugging through tackles on counter play off RT.

-stacked in backfield but bounced off the back of the pile and took it outside for 6 yards, didn’t quit on the play.

-toss play in fourth quarter, had been bouncing out all game, quick cut to the inside to open field, eventually outran safety back to the sideline, gone for 52-yard TD.


-another toss play blown up, tried to stretch it outside and lost yardage when he should have lowered head and got back to line of scrimmage.

-wrong cut to outside on play off RT, minimized gain.


Week 17 vs. Phi (15/75, 1/15/1) 16.0 FPG

-set up blocks on run off LT, shuffled feet to let defender get by and lowered head to pick up 10 yards.

-burns LB on wheel route, has at least 5 yards on him up sideline in end zone, awful throw from Manning that is way late, Wilson makes great adjustment back and holds on to ball as he takes hit from trailing LB.

-counter off left end, made proper cut to inside to pick up 13 yards.

-on run up middle with nothing there, covered the ball up with two arms.

-draw play, set up blocks, sidestepped defender, lowered shoulder to pick 13 yards.

-follows Hynoski, shows athleticism with small leap to avoid FBs legs after he goes low, sprints to sideline to gain 13 yards and avoids taking big hit.

-audible at line, QB, FB, and RB and not on same page, slow-developing play but sticks his head down and gets 3 yards.

-on run off RG, he’s see no hole and jump cuts to a hole off the center’s left side, churns his legs through a leg tackle for 8-yard run.


-no vision on run up the middle, ran right into the butt of his RG, pulled for rest of series.

-stretch play off RT, way too tentative to follow blocker inside but his superior speed helps him get the corner on blown play to pick up 15 yards.


Lamar Miller

Week 2 vs. Oak (10/65/1) 12.5 FPG

-a little tentative on first carry, bouncing it to the outside but nice speed and bad play from defender help him pick up 9 yards.

-counter play to LG, but made a nice jump cut to avoid inside defender to get off LT and pick up positive yards.

-ran off left tackle into a pile, did a little spin off and chopped feet to get 5 yards out of nothing.

-kept good balance on stretch play off LT, did mini-spin move to get inside for 3 yards.

-stretch play off left end, looked like lost yardage but he got small and got through tight hole to pick up a yard.

-LG and TE get blown up into backfield, nice cut to get between them, resets feet and shuffles left and turns on speed to get to the end zone.

-showed real patience on run off left tackle, weaved his way through a lot of traffic, and finally burst through when time was right, picking up 19 yards.


-failed to stick his head down and pick up a yard or two on run off left tackle, stopped and tried to bounce it to the right and lost a yard

Week 16 vs. Buf (10/73) 7.3 FPG

-patient run on counter off RG, waited for LG to get in front and easily picked up 6 yards.

-another patient run on another counter play off RG, two small cuts and burst through the hole for 10 yards.

-lots of counters with Miller this game, lets LG get out in front on run off left end and picks up 6 yards.

-another counter of left tackle, drives legs to pick up 5 yards.

-shotgun sweep play, quick cut inside and follows a hustling Pouncey, with one-arm on his center’s butt, all the way downfield for 28-yard gain.

-play nearly blown up on counter, sidesteps defender in backfield and runs through leg tackle to get up the middle of the field for 8 yards.


-fails to cut inside on shotgun sweep, runs right the butt of his RT for just a 1-yard gain.


-Matt Camp, Tom Brolley

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