Fantasy Guru Daily: 7/26/11

We survived the 2011 NFL lockout.

After more than four months of daily updates on the labor problem in the NFL, we are finally finished. This is the last lockout-related post here in the Guru Daily, and we couldn’t be happier. No more worrying. No more stakeouts for Albert Breer. No more labor talk for 10 years. Just football.

We're happy too, Jerry.

But now that the lockout is over, it’s time to get down to business. The next few weeks are going to be some of the most hectic we’ve ever seen, as free agency has been delayed several months and will now take place in a short span lasting only a few days. Just a few days ago, everyone was worrying about how the players would respond to the owners’ celebratory press conference. Now, training camp opens tomorrow. Things change quickly, and we’ll continue working hard to make sure we have everything covered. For now, let’s take a quick look at the calendar:

  • Tuesday, 10 a.m.: Sign rookies and UDFAs; trades can begin to be made; Free agent negotiations can begin with no signing
  • Wednesday: Training camp begins for Arizona, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Jacksonville, New England, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Seattle
  • Thursday, 4:01 p.m.: Teams can cut players; Training camp begins for  Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, and Washington
  • Friday, 6 p.m.: Teams can sign free agents; Signed players may report to teams but can’t participate in physical activities until Aug. 4; Training camp begins for Buffalo, Carolina, Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Minnesota, NY Giants, St. Louis, and Tennessee
  • Saturday: Training camp begins for Houston and NY Jets
  • Aug. 4:  First day of league year; Salary cap takes effect
  • Aug. 11: Preseason kicks off with five games
  • Sept. 8: New Orleans at Green Bay to open the regular season

Football is finally here, and that means fantasy drafts are right around the corner. We’ll be ready.

Quick Hits

  • Star Viking RB Adrian Peterson will not hold out. He’s set to make more than $10 million in the final year of his contract.
  • The Ravens wasted no time making moves Monday, as WR Derrick Mason, RB Willis McGahee, TE Todd Heap, and DT Kelly Gregg were all informed that they’d be released. The McGahee move was expected, but the Heap and Mason moves came as slight surprises. It’s still possible that the Ravens will signs a couple of the players – most likely Mason and Heap – for less money, but it looks like the Ravens are ready to try to make a splash in free agency. Nnamdi Asomugha, anyone?
  • Colt owner Jim Irsay is being cautious in moving forward with what will be an enormous contract extension for franchise QB Peyton Manning.

-Matt Brown

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