Fantasy Guru Daily: 7/22/11

If you were lucky enough to avoid what happened in the labor fiasco on Thursday, congratulations. Yesterday was essentially a microcosm of the hideous standoff that has plagued us, and all NFL fans, since March. But when the dust settles from it, are we actually closer than ever before to labor peace? Will the locked doors of the NFL finally open this weekend? It is possible.

Owners send ratified proposal to players, but… At about 7 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday, the whooping and hollering could be heard from a meeting room in the Westin Atlanta. The NFL owners had passed a new CBA, 31-0 (with Al Davis abstaining, of course), paving the way for the four-month-old lockout to end. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference celebrating the new “agreement,” and all of us on the periphery were left to believe the NFL players’ approval to be a fait accompli. The lockout was over! Only one problem: the players insist there was no agreement, and were taken by surprise by the fact that they were expected to vote on a proposal they hadn’t seen. And an 8 p.m. conference call with NFLPA director DeMaurice Smith and the 32 NFL player representatives ended without a vote, leaving fans hanging, media exhausted, and everyone invested in the negotiations angry. Players took to Twitter to express their anger and confusion, either at the situation or because they’re as in the dark as the rest of us are. But what’s funny: it seems as if a communication error led to the NFLPA not receiving the final proposal, and shortly after the conference call ended, Smith and his executive committee received it. The players are expected to review the proposal (if they haven’t already), and a vote to end the lockout could come as soon as this weekend. We’ll see. In the meantime, we aren’t going to bore you with details of the owners’ proposal, especially the calendar for starting the league year, which could change depending on the players’ vote and recertification process. When it’s done, we’ll be up to speed on absolutely everything and ready to deliver quick transaction analysis. Let’s hope the players cool down, and let’s hope the owners’ proposal is something the players can get behind.

We feel you, man.

In player news

No, Eagle QB Kevin Kolb hasn’t actually been traded yet, but he’s already working out with Cardinal WR Larry Fitzgerald. This on the same day Kolb admitted he’s already looking for housing in the Phoenix area. Hmm…

Giant RB Ahmad Bradshaw isn’t as big a lock to return as everyone seems to think he is. Whether it’s a power play on Bradshaw’s part to force the Giants’ hand or legitimate interest and a desire to leave, he’s been openly receptive to the idea of playing in Miami. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon.

Even if an agreement is reached on the CBA in the next few days, it wouldn’t be soon enough to save the Hall of Fame game, which Goodell officially cancelled yesterday.

- Joe Dolan

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