Fantasy Guru Daily: 7/6/11

The NFL and NFLPA lawyers got back to work on Tuesday, hammering out the legal mumbo jumbo that would be a part of any final CBA deal. The two sides met for nearly eight hours, so while they cannot tackle the revenue split issue without the owners and the players present in negotiating sessions, they can get done some of the more tedious legwork, allowing a verbal/handshake agreement to turn into a signed, sealed, and delivered CBA more quickly than we might expect once that agreement is reached. They’ll continue that work today, and we continue to wait…

Legal teams go back to work on the new CBA… As mentioned above, the lawyers on both sides of the debate are hammering out the little details while we wait for the owners and players to rejoin talks on Thursday, presumably to try to wrap up the revenue split issue, and in turn the final CBA. Once again, different sources have different ideas on exactly how “close” or “not close” the two sides are to reaching a deal. But the one agreement all sources seem to have is that there is a deal to be made and it’s certainly possible that deal is made by this weekend if progress on Thursday and Friday is steady and real. And now, it seems as if there has been enough process to start reading between the lines on what a new CBA within the next few days or weeks will mean to the NFL. And nobody reads between the lines better than Yahoo’s Mike Silver, who wrote this piece on the public relations home run the NFL and NFLPA seemingly have within their grasps. The bottom line is this: if the sides meet deep into Friday or talks spill into the weekend, that will be good news at this point.

A possible landing spot for Asomugha… Once a CBA is reached and free agency commences, Raider CB Nnamdi Asomugha is likely to be the biggest prize available. And what better fit for Asomugha than a team that had a historically bad pass defense: the Houston Texans. Reports suggest the Texans will be aggressive to try to put themselves over the hump and earn the first playoff berth in team history. Asomugha, who’s really damn good (just read this), would fit the bill really well. There’s still talk that Asomugha wants to make his home on the East Coast, but he will certainly have an offer to weigh from Houston, and Houston is a big market, for what it’s worth.

An opposing QB apparently made a rare mistake: throwing the ball within 20 yards of Asomugha.

Quick Hits

  • Eagle offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg still has a few tricks for QB Michael Vick up his sleeve.
  • Redskin owner Daniel Snyder is apparently optimistic a deal can be reached. Word within the Washington organization is that the Redskins still anticipate starting training camp on time.
  • Bears safety Chris Harris believes the Chicago and St. Louis clubs must get to training camp on time in order to play in the early August Hall of Fame Game.

- Joe Dolan

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