Fantasy Guru Daily: 6/23/11

As we wind down these (hopefully) last few weeks of lockout news, we are getting a vibe that the players sense the whole thing is about to end. So while there are still some interesting things going on, we really hope this is the proverbial “calm before the storm.”

Tiki Barber goes at it with NYC radio host… OK, maybe “calm” was the wrong word to use. In a contentious interview with New York’s “Numbah One” Mike Francesa, former Giant RB Tiki Barber was insistent he is ready to return to the NFL and talked down the notion that his widely panned broadcasting career with NBC was a failure. Barber’s agent Mark Lepselter apparently had to be included in the interview as well, which makes for some interesting confrontations with Francesa. In the interview, Barber and his agent revealed that they apparently already know where he’ll be playing football once the lockout is lifted, although they wouldn’t offer any hints as to where exactly that might be. Seriously, this interview is worth a listen if you like comedy or awkwardness, because Francesa grills Barber about his tenure at NBC and his perception in New York, where he went from hero to pariah basically overnight. It’s fascinating, hilarious, depressing, and uncomfortable all at once. For fantasy purposes, if Barber is going to have any use, he’ll have to prove he’s actually worth keeping on a roster. After this interview, the #1 requirement for that might be keeping his mouth shut.

So, TIki is serious about coming back? Mike gives up.

McNabb works out with Eagles… Now here’s something interesting. QB Donovan McNabb, who will almost certainly become a free agent once the lockout ends, has been keeping in shape this off-season. But he’s working out… with the Eagles? Yes, McNabb joined some of his former teammates in a New Jersey workout on Sunday, and insisted he was “in some great shape.” It’s interesting, because while we’re almost certain McNabb will find a starting job with a team looking for a stopgap veteran at the QB position, the Eagles will need a backup QB to Michael Vick when they inevitably trade Kevin Kolb. McNabb will definitely have far too much pride to take a backup job from the team that unceremoniously dumped him on a division rival… right? Even if it’s something McNabb will consider, teams like Miami, Seattle, and Tennessee could be looking for starters, and McNabb will be perhaps the most popular name on the free-agent market.

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We’re sensing the end of the lockout is coming. So we’re going to get off on the right foot. Publisher John Hansen will host a chat right here tonight at 9:00. Instead of the rapid-fire chat room we used for the past few years, we’re updating to the 21st century and going with the much more organized Cover It Live software. Get your questions in!

- Joe Dolan

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