Fantasy Guru Daily: 6/20/11

We consider ourselves lucky when there are actually headlines to digest from the weekend in the NFL, and although there is no deal on the horizon just yet, the little bits of news leaking out suggest that teams are getting ready for their abbreviated off-season programs. We can only hope.

Dolphins changing their tune on Henne… Well, they kind of have to considering the lockout, but the Dolphins have gone from “well, Maybe Chad Henne will start” to “yes, he has a good chance to start,” as head coach Tony Sparano insinuated this week. Sparano fed the Miami Herald the usual PR spin regarding his QB, suggesting that his numbers match up well enough with top QBs (they don’t), but he also indicated that Henne must cut down on the dumb turnovers, the throws where he’s trying to make an impossible play happen. Sparano also wants better accuracy down the field – Henne completed just 25% of his 40 passes of 20 yards or more, and his big arm isn’t going to go to much use if all his deep throws are incomplete. Perhaps raw but speedy rookie receiver Edmond Gates will help matters, if Henne actually starts. Anyway, we hope we find out in the next couple weeks; we still wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dolphins make a play for a veteran like Donovan McNabb once free agency starts. McNabb could accomplish two things: giving the team a better chance to win this year while giving Henne another year to develop, this time behind a guy whose ceiling is capped.

Still a starter, for now.

Percy Harvin migraine free… When drafting Viking WR Percy Harvin, fantasy owners have had to notice that big asterisk next to his name: “MIGRAINES.” Harvin’s missed significant time, especially in practice, during his two years in the NFL with his chronic debilitating headaches. But Harvin says he’s gone six months without a migraine, owing his progress to doctors who found “things in [his] neck” that he declined to specify, as well as changes in his diet. Obviously, six months isn’t a definitive enough timeframe to say that Harvin is truly free of his headaches, but it’s a great sign that he can make it through his third year without missed games, and extra practice time with a rookie QB in Christian Ponder certainly won’t hurt. At the least, it should make fantasy owners more willing to pony up an early pick on him.

Quick Hits

  • Tiki Barber is still serious about his return to the NFL, and Peter King suggests Pittsburgh could be a landing spot.
  • In obvious news, rookie QB Cam Newton wants WR Steve Smith to stay in Carolina. Considering Smith might be his only legitimate option at the WR position, we can see why.

We conclude with

There cannot be a more lockout-y headline in an off-season of lockout-y headlines. We’ve talked labor, perceived position battles, and trade rumors that can’t be confirmed or denied. But this, above all, sums up the NFL lockout to us.

Beck insists there is no friction with GrossmanYeah.

- Joe Dolan

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