Fantasy Guru Daily: 6/15/11

You know we have a good day at the Fantasy Guru Daily when there is no more Kenny Britt news to update. Way to go, Kenny. There is also a labor news update, and some headlines from an old friend.

Labor talks continue in Maryland… The NFL and NFLPA continued their series of confidential meetings, this time in an undisclosed Maryland suburb outside of Washington, DC. And with the meetings, there was more signs of real, tangible progress in the talks, leading to hope that a new CBA could be agreed upon, if not ratified, within the next couple weeks. Obviously, the talks have progressed to a point where we’re more positive about a possible resolution than we have been at any point throughout this three-month lockout, but it appears as if people close to the discussions want fans and reporters to tone down the excitement. Remember, most of those who have knowledge of the proceedings have placed on or around July 4 as a reasonable expectation for a new deal, and that means we still have three to four weeks of discussions that could break down. In other words, while Tuesday was the “yay! Football” day, it appears as if Wednesday is the “come back to Earth” day in CBA rhetoric. Our advice to you: don’t get too excited with good news or upset with bad news, because until a deal is done there will be posturing, and the talks can teeter on implosion. Still, it’s entirely reasonable to expect a full season at this point, and it appears as if the sides are preparing for that, even through the troubles.

QB Pryor to enter supplemental draft… Erstwhile Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor ended his silence about the end of his Buckeye career on Tuesday, making a prepared statement with agent Drew Rosenhaus by his side in Miami. In the statement, Pryor apologized to Ohio State fans and went out of his way to acknowledge coach Jim Tressel, who was forced to resign amidst controversy over his players, including Pryor, trading and selling memorabilia. Additionally, Pryor announced his decision to enter the NFL’s supplemental draft, whenever that event will occur. In other news, it wouldn’t be a Rosenhaus “press conference” without some serious rhetoric, and ol’ Drew didn’t disappoint. Rosenhaus insisted Pryor will be a first-round pick in the supplemental draft, and said Pryor “is going to be a star.” We attempted to reach our own Greg Cosell for comment after Rosenhaus’ claims, but we think he’s in intensive care somewhere.


This just in from Hattiesburg… No, there hasn’t been free agency yet, but dammit if there won’t be some updates from Hattiesburg, Mississippi to give us some sense of normalcy in this NFL off-season! QB Brett Favre is now insisting that he’s done playing, but he also would like to stay involved with football somehow, including tutoring young players. Well, not to brag, but… didn’t we have this update for you just a few weeks ago? I think we did.

Brady Quinn wants to compete for starting job… “I want to be No. 1,” Quinn said. Admirable. Can we get some expert analysis on this?

- Joe Dolan

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