Fantasy Guru Daily: 6/10/11

You know, there comes a point during a lengthy lockout when we hope there is now news from the player front, because when there is, it is typically bad. And when we are posting about the same guy in two of our last three blogs, well… yeah.

Britt arrested. Again… According to several reports, Titan WR Kenny Britt was expected in Nashville this week to begin working out with his teammates. Instead, he’s gotten himself in trouble with the law. Britt was arrested on Wednesday, charged with two counts of resisting arrest, just one day after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor offense for eluding an officer stemming from an April incident. In this business, we don’t like to get too much into a player’s personal life, because when push comes to shove talent will ultimately win out. But Britt – who didn’t have a criminal record when 2011 began – now has had two incidents in two months, and you can be certain that commissioner Roger Goodell is keeping tabs. Goodell has explicitly stated that malfeasant behavior during the lockout will be punished once a deal is reached. Britt already had a tough time with injuries last year, and he’ll be playing for a Titans team that has uncertainty at the QB position with rookie Jake Locker, with whom Britt has not worked out yet. To that list, you can add a possible suspension, so his already faltering draft stock might plummet even farther.

Terrelle Pryor’s chances… With not a whole lot else going on, we’ve been asked several times about the NFL potential of erstwhile Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor, as he recently ended his college career amidst controversy and might enter the NFL’s supplemental draft. While senior writer and fellow Penn State grad Matt Brown and I celebrate the temporary downfall of the Buckeyes, we’re going to let our own Greg Cosell (@gregcosell on Twitter) do the talking on Pryor’s future. The results, we’d say, were pretty definitive. Here are some notable excerpts from Greg’s Twitter notes on Pryor:

  • Pryor again fuels debate re: NFL QB attributes. Being great athlete in traditional sense (speed, running) does not translate to QB skills.
  • Watched 2 T. Pryor games today. Number of things stood out. Pass game principles basic. Predominant 1 read concepts from under center.
  • More Pryor: Limited pocket feel + presence, impatient + uncomfortable in pocket. One read + then break down. No ability to move + reset.
  • Finished 4 game study of Pryor: Miami, Wisconsin, Iowa and Arkansas in bowl game. A developmental project. No NFL QB traits at this point.
  • More Pryor: Many issues that need major work. 2 are average arm strength + erratic accuracy. Little velocity. Can’t drive ball. Poor passer.
  • More Pryor: For those who equate athleticism with QB he’s a draftable player. I evaluated him w/late round/free agent grade. No NFL skills.
  • Major difference between Pryor + Newton is Newton can throw. Big arm, drives the ball. Newton can make NFL throws, Pryor at this point can’t
  • Pryor’s advantage in supp. draft is no expectations. Can be a #3 QB + perhaps develop over time. Still a major question but ideal situation.

Pryor's reaction upon reading Greg Cosell's Twitter feed.

So, there you have it. If Pryor will ever be an NFL QB, it sure isn’t any time soon. And though he might play another position (WR, TE), it’s impossible to evaluate how he’ll perform at that spot without actually seeing him do so. So even if Pryor gets picked in the supplemental draft, he isn’t even worth a dynasty league spot.

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