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As another session of settlement talks came to an end, we address the Palmer family situation in Cincinnati, as well as Tim Tebow and his apparent 850-yard drives on the golf course.

Brothers, not teammates “The route I’m taking is I’m focused on the Bengals and myself. I’m getting myself prepared to be the guy and if I’m not I want to get this team as prepared as they can be. I’m separating myself from what Carson is doing. He’s my brother but he’s a former teammate going a different route and I’m focusing in what is front of me.” Jordan Palmer, via the Cincinnati Enquirer

Carson Palmer remains under contract with the Cincinnati Bengals, but the elder Palmer has demanded a trade and threatened to retire if he doesn’t get what he wants. Well, his brother, Jordan, won’t shed any tears over his brother’s departure from the franchise that drafted him #1 overall in 2003. Jordan Palmer sees an opportunity, and he said he’s preparing as if he’ll be the Bengals’ starting QB. Of course, the Bengals drafted Andy Dalton in the 2nd round, and new OC Jay Gruden was enamored with Dalton throughout the draft process as a perfect fit for his West Coast scheme. Everyone expects Dalton to be the starter, and, while he has some arm strength limitations, he has a game that transitions pretty well to the NFL, especially in Gruden’s scheme.

Jordan Palmer said he’d help Dalton, but he has no intentions of giving way in a battle to be the starting QB. He compared the situation to Carson joining the Bengals and getting tutored by Jon Kitna. However, it’s important to note that at that point, Kitna was a full-time starter, and he proceeded to have the best year of his career in 2003 with Carson riding the bench as a rookie. Meanwhile, Jordan Palmer has never started a game in three seasons and has thrown 15 passes in his career, two of which were intercepted. Most people probably remember him from last year’s Hall of Fame Game, which was miserable even by preseason standards.

Obviously, Jordan Palmer wants to be the starting QB and is going to say as much right now. Maybe he will win the starting job. Who knows? But if Carson’s out of the picture, the safe money will continue to be on Dalton, who appears to have been drafted to play right away. Plus, you can’t rule out the Bengals acquiring a veteran to join the fray – a fray that includes Jordan Palmer, Dalton, and Dan LeFevour.

As a side note, for what it’s worth (probably nothing), go look at LeFevour’s college stats if you’ve never seen them. The man threw for 3652/27/13 and ran for 1122/19 as a sophomore in 2007. Refreshing my memory of those numbers caused me to say out loud in World Headquarters that Dan LeFevour has to be “one of my favorite MAC players ever,” a phrase that should probably never be uttered again.

Pettigrew slims down; Burleson to have surgery … Wednesday brought news of two different body types in the NFL. First, there’s Lion TE Brandon Pettigrew, who has dropped 10-15 pounds down to his college playing weight of 255. Pettigrew had a big year in 2010, emerging as a favored intermediate target for backup QB Shaun Hill and putting up 71/722/4 on 110 targets. Pettigrew said he wanted to get faster and move better as he tries to establish himself again in a more crowded offense that will feature the strong-armed Matthew Stafford back at QB. In addition to getting Stafford back from injury, the Lions added a pair of rookies in deep-threat WR Titus Young and RB Mikel Leshoure. The offense also includes WR Nate Burleson, who is set for minor surgery to clean up his right elbow, which he hurt back in November.

But I did mention two different body types, so let’s get to that. Pettigrew slimmed down to 255 to get quicker. Meanwhile, in Denver, we don’t know what Bronco QB Tim Tebow decided to do:

Step right up, folks. See if you can out drive the amazing Golf Ball, uh, Whacker Guy

The Broncos have made an effort to bolster their abysmal defense, so perhaps Tebow has unfilled dreams of playing linebacker.

Quick Hits

  • Eagle owner Jeffrey Lurie said the team wouldn’t have a problem considering the addition of WR Plaxico Burress, who was released from jail Monday.
  • Confidential settlement talks between the NFL and the players ended Wednesday, but we continue to get positive signs, and the NFL released a statement saying talks will keep going. There is cautious optimism that we could have a deal by early July, therefore allowing training camp and the season to go on as planned.

-Matt Brown

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