Fantasy Guru Daily: 6/8/11

They continue to talk, this time in New York, and we continue to wait patiently for good news. In an otherwise slow news day, we look at a high-profile college QB, who could enter the supplemental draft after deciding to skip his senior season.

While in New York, maybe the two sides could take a hansom cab ride.

“Very serious talks” continue … at what is reportedly an undisclosed location in New York. Both the players and league have made a point to keep the details of these meetings confidential, but reports say that lawyers are once again being kept out of the room while Judge Arthur Boylan along with Commissioner Roger Goodell, owners, and players try to hammer out a deal. The less we hear about these talks, the better, as both sides show commitment to getting something done in the next month or so before the typical NFL off-season has to be dramatically shifted and/or cancelled. To get a great idea of where this could be going (and it sounds positive), check out Albert Breer’s latest story.

Terrelle Pryor to skip senior season … at Ohio State, at least when it comes to football. The former Buckeye QB hasn’t decided whether or not to enter the supplemental draft and could remain at OSU as a student. Pryor released a statement saying, “In the best interest of my teammates, I have decided to forego my senior year of football at the Ohio State University.” The university’s football program has been under the microscope for much of this year with HC Jim Tressel resigning recently and Pryor, who’s already suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season, under investigation for multiple violations of NCAA rules. If Pryor were to enter the supplemental draft, some believe he’s worth no more than a middle-to-late round pick. Our own Greg Cosell will begin tape study on Pryor in preparation for the QB’s possible jump to the NFL, so be on the lookout for that here at the site and on Greg’s Twitter account.

Quick Hits

  • Titan WR Kenny Britt escaped serious legal ramifications stemming from a car chase and stop in New Jersey earlier this year by pleading guilty to careless driving, which brought a fine of just $478. His teammates have tried to contact him about attending workouts, but Britt has yet to show.
  • Michael Crabtree, who doesn’t believe QB Alex Smith will start for the 49ers in 2011, skipped the second day of workouts organized by Smith due to foot issues stemming from turf and cleat problems he dealt with while practicing on Monday.
  • According to reports, you can rule the Browns and Dolphins out of the running for free agent WR Plaxico Burress.

-Matt Camp

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