Fantasy Guru Daily: 6/3/11

Looks like the labor talks have picked up once again, so we will be taking a look at the latest developments as the two sides meet in court again today. Also, we take a look at possible landing spots for the soon-to-be-released Plaxico Burress.

Settlement talks? So you're telling me there's a chance!

NFL, NFLPA hold settlement talks … for three days this week in advance of Friday’s lockout hearing in St. Louis. As we discussed yesterday, the “secret” meetings took place just outside Chicago from Tuesday-Thursday, but the details of those talks became much clearer upon completion. In addition to NFLPA head De Maurice Smith and commissioner Roger Goodell, those attending included owners, players, and Judge Arthur Boylan, although his role was different from what it was during mediation. Speaking of mediation, sessions that were set to resume next week were cancelled by Boylan due to the current talks centering around a settlement, which he wants to keep confidential. No word on when these talks will continue, but it probably won’t be Friday since the sides return to the courtroom in St. Louis for the appeals-court hearing on the lockout. We’ve pretty much given up on trying to keep up with all the minutiae as it happens, but if you want to follow along, check out Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt), Gabe Feldman (@sportslawguy), and Daniel Kaplan (@dkaplansbj) as they’ll be live tweeting from the courtroom.

Burress won’t return to Giantsaccording to former teammate Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs, speaking at charity event hosted by current teammate Justin Tuck said Burress “…ain’t coming to the Giants. That’s out of the question.” However, Jacobs did say the receiver, who he talks to on a weekly basis, did have other options, such as Philadelphia and St. Louis, where Jacobs said Burress wouldn’t mind playing for former Giant DC and current Ram HC Steve Spagnuolo. The 33-year-old Burress has been out of the league since 2008 and will be released from prison on Monday.

Quick Hits

  • Free Agent QB Alex Smith, who has been running the 49er workouts, believes RB Frank Gore is doing so well in his recovery from a fractured hip that he’ll join his teammates later this month.
  • Jet QB Mark Sanchez would like to hold another set of workouts, this time getting more of the team involved, but said he will wait to see if the lockout hearing changes anything.
  • In news that doesn’t exactly surprise us, the Broncos don’t see RB Knowshon Moreno as a third-down back and will probably be looking for a big-time back to team with him this season. DeAngelo Williams perhaps?

­-Matt Camp

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  1. Darin says:

    Burress…? Is that the guy with the bad back, the bullet in the leg, and attitude to match. 33, hasn’t played in a couple of season. Ricky Williams left and came back and both had that physical dominance. Ricky gave up the chronic, but Plax was broken before he left. I started Plax back in the day, but that was back in the day.

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