Fantasy Guru Daily: 5/27/11

Hey! We have a holiday weekend edition of the Guru Daily here, and the big news surrounds a guy who apparently does not want to take a holiday. We think you already might have a guess about who it is…

Favre is throwing again… Should this be a surprise to anyone? Remember, we delivered this exclusive conversation between Brett Favre and rookie Cam Newton just a few weeks ago, and now the reports have already started that Favre is throwing. Well, OK, it is baseballs. But still, nothing like some Favre news to spice up a Friday morning! Right? Right?

This is not Brett Favre, but this is what he would look like as a Milwaukee Brewer relief pitcher.

Kolb working out with Eagles… Perhaps there’s been no player more adversely affected by the lockout than Eagle QB Kevin Kolb, who is simply assumed to be traded as soon as a deal is struck or the lockout is lifted. In a normal offseason, Kolb might have found a new home nearly three months ago, but he’s still wallowing in limbo right now, so he has no choice but to get into shape throwing to the likes of Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek, guys who essentially shouldn’t be his teammates right now. To Kolb’s credit, he’s handled the situation as well as anyone could. He made a lot of money last year to back up Michael Vick, but he knows he won’t be getting a long-term extension until he finds a new home. But Kolb is stuck in such a weird situation; this isn’t Andy Reid and Eagle management keeping him in town against his will. This is the NFL lockout keeping him in town against both of their wills, preventing Kolb from landing as a starter and preventing the Eagles from using him to improve their team. What we do know is, as long as Kolb keeps himself healthy and away from contact in these workouts, that prospective teams certainly won’t view Kolb’s work ethic as a negative when considering trading for him.

Winslow’s knee is pain-free… Maybe the NFL lockout has convinced Buccaneer TE Kellen Winslow to take it easy a little bit. We know Winslow’s knees are bad, and although he has fought through pain and hasn’t missed a game since joining the Bucs two years ago, he’s lacked the explosion that briefly made him one of the NFL’s most dangerous downfield threats at his position. But Winslow has been working out with teammates and QB Josh Freeman, and he was insistent with reporters that his right knee is officially pain-free. Winslow admitted he was in pain at this point last year, and acknowledged that he might have been using a knee rehabilitation machine incorrectly, which led to some of the pain. But this could be some interesting news for fantasy owners, who have seen Winslow productive but unspectacular in his two years with the Buccaneers. Freeman is only getting better, so if Winslow (still in his 20s) is healthy, the Bucs could have a dangerous combo between him and Mike Williams.

Have a great, safe holiday everyone.

- Joe Dolan

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