Fantasy Guru Daily: 5/20/11

This may be surprising, but there is not really much to talk about today when it comes to news from around the league. I blame the rain. Oh, and the lockout. Last Friday, we took a look at the player-led workouts from around the league, so today we’ll update you on some of those teams.

Baltimore Ravens – Next week, at a workout organized by WR Derrick Mason, at least 20 Ravens will be together at Towson University from May 24-26. Mason said the focus was going to be on conditioning, and that there wouldn’t be any contact.

Buffalo Bills – About 30 Bill players will meet on Monday for what is expected to be a week-long set of workouts in Buffalo. The workouts were set up by veterans such as LB Andra Davis and S George Wilson with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick expected to attend. Fitzpatrick held a small passing camp near his home in Arizona last month.

Chicago Bears – After backup QB Caleb Hanie recently said there were no plans for player-led workouts, starter Jay Cutler said he’s been talking with WRs and RBs to organize a passing camp.

Denver Broncos – QB Tim Tebow, who had been working out on his own, joined his teammates in Colorado on Thursday for an informal session organized by S Brian Dawkins. Tebow wasn’t bothered by the supposed flak he was getting for working out on his own for this long, noting he doesn’t need cameras on him during workouts. The second-year QB said he hasn’t taken a snap out of the shotgun during this off-season and has been studying the new playbook hard, although he

admits to improvising when it comes to film study because he hasn’t had access to tape. Little known WR Britt Davis, also entering his second season, flew in from Chicago to workout with Tebow.

The lockout means players have to use their own equipment.

Detroit Lions – Lion players have worked out together for the last four days at Detroit County Day HS in Michigan. Veteran DE Kyle Vanden Bosch was pleased with how good of shape the players were in and has plans for another set of sessions to begin on June 6. While he wasn’t able to get a hold of most of the rookies, WR Titus Brown did attend two days of the practices held this week.

Philadelphia Eagles – On Thursday, QB Michael Vick led a workout in Marlton, NJ that included both Eagle teammates and local NFL players. When he first discussed the workout last week, he expected about 15 players, but apparently not that many showed up. Among those in attendance were WRs Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant, TE Brent Celek, and Viking RB Albert Young. The Eagles’ starting RB LeSean McCoy had said he’d show up, but did not attend.

-Matt Camp­

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