Fantasy Guru Daily: 5/16/11

Hey, it is finally that day we have all been waiting for! Mediation is back! Woohoo! The NFL and decertified NFLPA will meet in front of Judge Arthur Boylan, and while any negotiating sessions could theoretically help lead to an agreement between the two sides, we will not hold our breath until there is a ruling from Judge David Doty in the lockout damages case and/or a ruling from the 8th Circuit on the enjoined lockout. But still, yay mediation!

Mediation resumes… Don’t get your hopes up. Only a couple days of talks are scheduled, and both sides are certainly fulfilling a court-ordered obligation to meet. Otherwise, they’d be waiting idly on court rulings, just like the rest of us. Any meeting might produce a sliver of hope if one side shows signs of caving, but we don’t see any way the sides don’t wait for a court ruling from the 8th Circuit to make any sort of moves. In the meantime, Patriot owner Robert Kraft, maybe the most moderate voice in this whole mess, offers some words of warning to both the owners and players. We believe the fans are already angry enough, but Kraft is right: if a deal gets done in the next month or so and training camp can go by unimpeded, there’s a good chance football fans will have forgotten this ordeal – for the most part – come Week One.

LISTEN TO BOB KRAFT! Mmm... Kraft...

Ronnie Brown open to returning to Dolphins… For about six months now (and probably longer), we’ve just assumed that neither Ronnie Brown nor Ricky Williams would be back in a Dolphin uniform come the 2011 season. The Dolphins, too, hedged their bets, spending an early-round pick on Kansas State RB Daniel Thomas who could potentially come right in and be a volume guy. But the Dolphins would certainly need to add a veteran to support Thomas, and don’t be surprised if that veteran is Brown. Especially with the lockout, Brown said, Thomas’ learning curve will be relatively steep. If the lockout lingers into July or so, the Dolphins might have no choice but to bring back Brown as a safety net.

Bush OK with returning to the Saints… With some reactionary comments to the Saints’ drafting of RB Mark Ingram and some potentially harmful comments regarding the NFL lockout, Reggie Bush is batting a big fat .000 with his Twitter account of late. But that hasn’t stopped him from trying to patch things up. Bush said this past weekend that he “would love to retire” in a Saint uniform, just weeks after Tweeting his own version of goodbye. Coach Sean Payton certainly knows how to get the most out of Bush, and it’s hard for us to find a better fit for Bush than New Orleans. That being said, he’d almost certainly have to be willing to take a relatively large paycut in order to stay. That might be too much for him to handle.

Quick Hits

  • 49er QB Colin Kaepernick underwent leg surgery, a procedure the 49ers knew he had to have done when they drafted him.

- Joe Dolan

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