Fantasy Guru Daily: 5/13/11

Another Friday has come without a peep from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, but as we wait in this endless lockout, Judge Doty is back in the news, while a Saint WR is recovering from significant knee surgery.

Colston underwent microfracture surgery … Not only did Saint WR Marques Colston have wrist surgery this off-season, but he’s also fighting back from microfracture surgery that repaired cartilage around his right knee. It’s the second time he’s had microfracture surgery, as he had a similar operation performed on his left knee in 2009. The good news is Colston is working out with teammates at Tulane University and said he’s doing everything and just needs to get his conditioning back. Despite the injuries, Colston has missed only one game in the last two seasons, and he’s hit 1000 yards four times, with the one exception being a 2008 season in which he missed five games. Colston had minor arthroscopic surgery after Week Sixteen and had the more significant surgery after the playoffs. Colston joins Robert Meachem as Saint WRs recovering from surgery, as Meachem underwent ankle surgery. Both are working out now with players such as WR Devery Henderson and rookie RB Mark Ingram under the direction of trainer Wyatt Harris.

Doty hears arguments in TV case … The NFL’s least favorite judge, David Doty, was back in control Thursday, as he heard arguments in the TV case. Doty previously ruled that $4.078 billion in TV rights fees were secured illegally by the NFL to create a “lockout fund,” and the players are seeking $707 million in damages – and potentially more. Doty is expected to rule in the players’ favor, but if so, we’ll just end up back in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. Yes, the court that still hasn’t ruled on granting a permanent stay in the lockout case. Speaking of the lockout case, CBS’s Clark Judge has a must-read piece analyzing all the details with a pair of legal experts. This is one of the most comprehensive articles out there.

Courtroom football is more fun when Judge Doty is involved.

Quick Hits

  • ESPN’s Cedric Benson: Trade Palmer,” headline is a bit misleading, as it makes it seem like there’s some kind of rift between the two. Instead, Benson phrased things pretty logically, saying, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer: “”I love Carson Palmer to death. He’s supported me and taught me a lot but I think when a guy expresses himself as strongly as he has it’s almost not healthy for the team to bring him back.”
  • Packer TE Jermichael Finley tweeted that his knee “feels brand new,” which is obviously good news for a guy who was the Packers’ top receiver before getting hurt last year. A healthy Finley should have no problem re-emerging as one of the league’s most dangerous TEs, but another question is how his return will affect Greg Jennings, as Jennings played a secondary role while Finley was still on the field.
  • Panther WR Steve Smith denies that he’s requested a trade, although he still left his future up in the air.
  • Senior Writer Matt Camp is busy compiling a report on which teams are holding informal workouts, so check back for that here on the staff blog later today.

-Matt Brown

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